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What I Eat In A Typical Day On A Raw Diet in Thailand
Added 2016-06-14 19:20:39

Regards from Chiang Mai in Thailand!  

I have been on a low, fat raw vegan diet since February 2012 and today I want to show you what I eat in a typical day on this diet in January in Thailand. 

How often do I eat?

Typically, I eat twice a day. I am not saying that anyone else should follow this pattern. Two meals a day is what works for me the best for several reasons: typically, I am not hungry in the morning, I like to exercise twice a day and I enjoy many activities that I have in between meals and which I wouldn't be able to do on a full stomach or if I wouldn't be taking in enough calories from my meals so that I would have to eat something all the time. There are other benefits of eating less often than more often, but I'll talk about that in another video. 

When do I eat?

When I am hungry. Ideally, that would be around 1 and 7 pm, but I don't have a strict meal schedule and when I eat is determined by my other activities, not the other way around: I am not scheduling my other activities according to some strict meal times. 

It is also important to mention that even though I'll give you the quantities of food I eat in typical meals, please bare in mind that in makes no sense that anyone else takes these quantities as a recommendation for themselves. Individual caloric needs vary from a person to person and even from a day to day and depend on many factors as I explain HERE.   

And now, what do I eat in a typical day. 

Today, for my first meal I am having tangerines and dragon fruit. Here I have, measured with the peels, around 2 kg or 4 lbs of dragon fruit and 1 kg or 2 lbs of tangerines. I am enjoying this lunch  on a rooftop from where I have a beautiful view of Chiang Mai.  

Click on the picture below to learn more about dragon fruit:

For my second meal I have some delicious, juicy, ripe mangoes and some lettuce. Here I have around 2 kg or 4 lbs of mangoes, measured pit the peels and pits.    

This would my typical meals in a day in January in Thailand. My choice of fruit that is the base of my diet depends on the location and season. Right now, as you have seen, what predominates in my diet are tangerines, dragon fruit and mangoes, but depending on a country and season, it can be: rambutans, chempedack, jackfruit, durian and so on. 


Click on the picture below and learn more about different tropical fruit varieties:


And now let's check out caloric and nutritional profile of my typical meals: So my intake came to slightly more 2 000 kCal, from which around 80% is from carbo-hydrates and around 10 % from proteins and fats. 

Of course, during winter it is easier to be on a predominantly fruit diet in the tropics, but it is also not a problem in the northern hemisphere as I show in my 7 day low fat raw vegan winter meal plan:

I hope you enjoy this post. If you ever go in the tropics, let us know what do you usually eat there in the comment section below. 

Keep glowing,


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