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What I Ate At Facebook On A Raw Vegan Diet - VLOG #3
Added 2017-08-14 19:59:06

If I say "like", blue color, currently around 2 billion users, then you are probably guessing where we are.  

That's right, welcome to Facebook! 

Do you know what is this? In brief, a virtual reality portal. 


And how did I end up here? All I am gonna say is that I am a very proud sister! 

Click on the picture below and check out my vlog "What I Ate At Cambridge University On A Raw Vegan Diet"
and guess the rest of the story. 😉

And of course, we are arriving to the canteen. And while my brother found his preferences at the one side of the canteen, I found mine at this fruit table.

And when we both had our plates filled, we sat down at the same table – which is the whole point of my story. Stay true to yourself without separation from your loved ones who might be on a different kind of diet than yourself. 

I hope you enjoyed this vlog. If that is so, please comment, share it and of course, give it a big yes I hope I inspired you to stay true to yourself in social situations that involve being in the company of people who are on a different diet than you. Let me know in the comments what do you do in such situation?  

Keep glowing, 

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