The Universe In You

I am very happy and excited to finally, after more than a year of a hard and devoted team work, present you: 

an interactive book with which you work on your personal development and creating your most important movie, the movie in which you are the main director and the protagonist at the same time. 

In the first part of this book we are going though important lessons accompanied with written tasks, then comes the artistic part of the book with poetry, written by me, that holds valuable life messages, then comes the part of the book in which we talk on the topics that deserve our attention, and finally the book is closed with a poem through which you acknowledge the core OF your existence. The whole book is intervened with beautiful and inspirational photos.  

Lots of love, time and work was invested in the creation of this book. However, this book remained unfinished. And this was done with a purpose, the purpose is that you get to finish your copy of this book. This book asks you to invest your energy in your copy of it, to invest in your Universe. And of course, what you invest in your Universe, gets back to you multiplied.  

I hope that "The Universe In You" will become your dear friend and teacher.


"This book is enchanted with love and it is cleansing! It is also inspiring. I am recommending it right away to all friends and acquaintances... "

Margareta Vesna Agape, Belgrade, Serbia 

"The book is phenomenal. I read it. It is concise and to the point, very clear. The whole book is beautifully designed, all compliments. I am starting tomorrow with the written exercises. Thank you from my heart. I am wishing you lots of success in your future work and many more books. 😘"

Zuzana Gregor, Temerin, Serbia


"The Universe In You" is shipped to your door for only 9.99 EUR + shipping! 

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