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Added 2015-09-19 22:50:18

This drink is perfect for holidays and similar occasions when you want to fill up a vine glass and be wine free! 

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Added 2015-09-18 23:58:53

This mix of cold ice-cream and hot sauce will make a party in your mouth! 

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Added 2015-09-17 21:54:01

This recipe is a hit in a vegan restaurant where I make and serve low fat raw vegan food every Friday. I hope you'll like it as well! wink

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Added 2015-09-16 23:48:31

Persimmons are a nature's pudding from the tree and with just a slight touch of a blender, persimmons can be transformed into a real pudding. But, be aware, this pudding is addictive! wink

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Added 2015-09-15 23:36:08

I was born and raised in the country of Serbia. And in Serbia... a holiday dinner just has to include Russian salad. At least it does in my family. So, here is my version of this popular dish! 

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Added 2015-09-14 23:58:54

This fruit yogurt contains only 2 simple ingredients, it is creamy, tasty, healthy and vibrantly colored. Just delicious! 

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