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Raw Diet at Weddings
Added 2016-06-13 00:20:32

It is usually hard to find raw, vegan food at traditional weddings. But this doesn't mean that u cannot eat raw vegan food at a wedding. I'll give you examples from two weddings that I attended in the last 12 months.                         

At the first of these weddings, the bride was mostly on a raw vegan diet herself, so she provided raw, vegan food for herself, myself and another guest. For the first course we had fruit platter. For the second course, the bride provided the kitchen stuff with a simple, raw vegan recipe that they made for us. It was interesting when another guest went to the kitchen to ask raw vegan food for himself as well! The bride even provided a small raw vegan cake that she originally wanted to share with the three of us, but in the end everyone at our table wanted a peace of it and a recipe!            

Obviously, when the hosts are on a raw vegan diet, it is easy. But, what if the hosts are not on a raw vegan diet?  

At the other of these two weddings, it happened that I was the only vegan, not to mention a raw vegan among 300 guests. The bride, a very good friend of mine, called me a couple of days before the wedding and asked me to call the restaurant and tell them what would I like to have. I was extremely thankful to my friend who was thinking about me in all her preparations for the wedding.   

I thought for a second and realized that it would be impractical that they prepare 299 same meals and one special meal for me and that it would take a lot of time to explain what and how to prepare for me. So... I called the restaurant and told them that I was going to bring my own food that I would like to be served.  

No problem! I arrived 10 minutes in advance and brought my food into the kitchen. The stuff was very nice and they served me what and how I explained.  

For the first course I had ripe, sweet, delicious figs and grapes. 


For the second course, I had my raw spaghetti and "cheese". 

Click on the picture below to see the recipe for this recipe:

For the dessert I had these sweet peach rose cupcakes. I even made a raw vegan cake for everyone and the cake received a lot of compliments. 

Click on the picture below to see the recipe for this cake:

The final advice:   

1) Be your authentic YOU. That's the only way you can stay true to yourself and be an example to others.     

2) Don't expect from others to take care of you. You take care of yourself.  

3) If your hosts ask you what to serve you, don't make it harder for them by telling them what you don't eat. Instead, tell them what you would like to see on your plate.  

4) Don't let your diet stand in your way to spend time with people who are on a different diet.    

I hope sharing this raw-wedding experience is beneficial to you. Have you ever been in a similar situation? If yes, please share your story in the comment section!  

Keep glowing, 

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