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Being The Only One On A Raw Vegan Diet
Added 2016-06-14 18:57:16

Have you ever been the only one who is on a raw or even just a vegan diet?  

It happens to me sometimes... often... frequently... and it is not a big deal att at all! wink

In this video I want to encourage you to be you and have in your plate whatever you choose for yourself regardless of other people's choices. 

I have been on a vegan diet since 2005 and on a low fat raw vegan diet since February 2012. Have I ever felt lonely? Yes. It was before I learnt how not to feel lonely just because I have a different type of food in my plate. 

Even though I spend quite some with the same minded people, I also spend time with people who are on an absolutely different diet than mine. For family. And I love to spend time with my family and even share meals with them. Precisely, sharing the dining table with them while eating a different type of meal. 

I have four brothers and one sister and when we get together we have so much fun and that also includes having a lunch or a dinner together. And guess what... there is one person in this family who is on a high-fruit raw vegan diet. That would be me. 

And... it is definitely not a problem to anyone at the table that I have my choice of food in my plate while everyone else is eating whatever they want.  

I like to think of this situation this way: if a group of people, of whom everyone is on a standard diet, go to a standard restaurant, will they all order the exact same thing?  enlightened

We gather together not to have the same food in our plates, but for the pleasure of being together.  

Here are some pictures in which you can see my family having a standard fare and I having raw vegan options:  

in this picture you can see me having a raw banana-apple pie

in this one I have my all time favorite persimmon pudding, for which you can check out the recipe HERE  

in this one I have my king-size salad, many of my salad ideas you can get in my e-books HERE 

in this one I took my family out for a picnic where we enjoyed seasonal fruit and my epic raspberry roll,

for which you can check out the recipe HERE 

In this one I made for my family some raw ice-cream with a hot sauce for which you can check out the recipe HERE 

And so on...  

I even have a video on how to eat raw vegan at a wedding HERE. 

Be yourself and let people who care about you appreciate who you really are! 

I hope this post was beneficial to you. If that is so, please share it! smileyAnd does your diet differ from the diet of your family and friends? How do you handle it? Please leave your experience in the comment section.

Keep glowing,


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