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What I Ate At Cambridge University On A Raw Vegan Diet - VLOG #1
Added 2016-07-04 12:34:00

First day - dinner:

Second day - lunch:

Second day - dinner:

My caloric intake for the second day:

Third day - lunch:

I hope you enjoyed this vlog and that I inspired you to stay truth to yourself, your believes and decisions in every situation!
Where is will there is a way.

Please leave your comments about this vlog, I love to hear from you!

Keep glowng,

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16:38 04.08.2017.
Dear Marina,

Your meals looks really great! But do you only eat twice a day?no fruits in between?
I noticed you make very easy meals, just fruits and some greens like lettuce and cucumber.
Do you feel best on them? no desire for more savory meals?

Do you consume tomatoes and bell pepper also often? I like them, but they seems to digest not that great...

May i ask you... how did you prep the cucumber on foto 1 (with the kiwi) What do you use for this?

Thanks for sharing your days! really helpfull!!
18:07 11.08.2017.
Hi dear Sophie!

Thank you for your comment.

Yes, I eat twice a day and I don't eat in between. If it happens that I need a third meal, for example if I didn't get to eat enough or if I was extra active, I will have it.

No, I am not that attracted to tomatoes and bell peppers...

This is an example of my usual daily menu. :)

It is not cucumbers, but zucchinis in raspberry - chia sauce. :)

Check out my meal plans, I believe you will like them and that you will find them very useful! ;)
20:56 21.08.2017.
Thank you Marina,

So kind that you take the time to respons!

As i see your blogs and the amounts you eat... do you count it everyday? And do you weight your foods on a foodscale?

Do you ate between certain times?
Thanks again!
20:15 25.08.2017.
Hi dear Sophie!

It is my pleasure, thank you for your interest.

Not really counting, trying to rely on my senses, but I do count just to know how much to buy.

I don't have a schedule when I eat, but due to my life and work schedule, it turns out I eat at the same times daily. :)

I hope this helps!
11:06 31.08.2017.
Oke, maybe make a video about how you buy your fruits!! hihi, how much, how often ...

What do you mean with "but i do count just to know how much to buy"??
so you plan daily what you will eat and how much fruits is needed for this?

What is your job when you are in your own land? (not traveling..)
yoga lesson?

Lots of love
11:33 31.08.2017.
That's a good idea!

It really depends where I live. If I live in a place where farmer's markets are available daily, I buy daily fresh and don't store.

If I happen to live in a place where farmer's market is not available daily, I buy for a period of time and store food at home.

I measure food in a sense that I know approximately how much I need to buy for a period of time.

Check out my video:

22:01 16.10.2017.
Thank you for your respons, didnt see it earlier ;)
I struggle with this part of a fruity lifestyle... the planning and shopping. At the moment i do 1 bigger fruitshopping on the market and during the week almost every day also.
But sometimes i noticed that i buy to much different fruits and this is not a good idea for planning meals...

Do you prefer to have the same meals each day, with the variaty of seasons?
Or do you eat different each day?

Thanks again
18:33 17.10.2017.
Hi Sophie!

You are most welcome. Thank you for your comments.

I highly suggest you take my meal plans (the samples for the first days are free):

Yes, in the season pretty much the same every day. Changes with the season. I couldn't be happier! :)
10:51 20.10.2017.
Dear Marina
I have already 3 of your ebooks!
Breakfast and dinner i find easier to plan...but when dinner is coming, every day is a struggle..
I didnt enjoy all of your dinner ideas.. i am sorry (not personal ;) ) so i still searching for more ideas...
Do you eat 3 meals a day yourself? Like in your ebooks?
And do you eat fats and greens every day? Or a couple of times a week>??

Thanks in advance
20:22 20.10.2017.
Hi dear Sophie!

Thank you for having my books. I am really sorry to hear that not all dinner ideas resonate with your taste. :(

No worries, I am not offended. I am glad you are honest!

Please, read the introductions in which I say that I never eat breakfast.

Pretty much every day I eat some over fats. Only times I don't is when I use some sweet corn or when I eat tropical fruits.

Greens, pretty much every single day. :)
21:51 20.10.2017.
Ah that intro i didnt read hihi, I see! So you prefer no breakfast and give the advise to if having a breakfast, a waterrich one :)

I noticed that more fruitarians only have 2 big fruitmeals,
But there are also others who promote grazing during the day, having smaller meals..
I am not sure what is the best...

Tropical fruits are a bit higher in fats i think?

Thanks for you time Marina!
22:50 20.10.2017.
Hi dear Sophie!

Yes, that's right about the breakfast! :)

I prefer to give my digestive system a rest in between meals. I am going to make a video on this topic, so stay tuned! ;)

Yes, typically, tropical fruits have higher quantity on fats and proteins.

You are most welcome!
21:10 22.10.2017.
Dear Marina,
I just looked at some blogs here and was really happy to see this one :) with what you ate and the cronometer.
I follow a fruity lifestyle for a while now... maybe not all the time 100%..
I did some melon islands last summer, but exprienced weight gain from it... Strange, because i did eat less than when i have other fruits as well.. I ate no greens during this period.

What could happen?
Do you eat melons often?

Did you ever heard this before that melons maybe can cause some weight gain? It wasnt waterweight, because my pants didnt fit anymore after...
Hope you have an idea on this issue... as i love melons!!
But my theory is.. maybe they contain to less fibre and are absorb by the body 100%, so no energy need for digesting and so the body can hold on it..

19:31 23.10.2017.
Hi dear Jane!

Thank you for reaching out.

I love melons! And I have never heard before about such a strange experience.

Did you have less physical activity in that period? How long did the weight gain last? Has it also disappeared quickly?

Usually, fast weight changes are just water retention or water loss.

How was you elimination during that period?
19:47 24.10.2017.
Thank you Marina,

Oh i really lovvveee melons, but after this exprience i've been careful with them. I can eat them all day! But maybe that was not a good idea..

Everything else was the same, workouts, sleeping,
I did the melonisland for a week and after this i followed it with eating melons during the day and some greens at night.
After i noticed the weight gain, i did some tricks to lose it again.. but that wasnt without trying to..

On melons I have less stools.. but i do believe this is because of less fibre.

If you eat melons, do you sometimes even eat them daily?
And how much at onces...
Just a few question... maybe i did something wrong?
Or they contain more sugars than other fruits?
No idea...

Thanks again
20:53 27.10.2017.
Hi Jane!

You are most welcome.

Any calorie source can accumulate if we eat more than we spend. It essentially comes to calories in - calories out.

Sugars are not the problems. In fact, they are the most easier fuel to spend as energy.

Melons are rich in water which is why your experience with constipation is really strange.

When I have good melons and the varieties I like - honeydew and piel de sapo - I can eat them everyday for my lunch all until I get some other fruit to be my lunch. For my dinner I almost always have a salad.

How much? 1-2 melons per meal, but please bare in mind that honeydew and piel de sapo are pretty big.

I hope this helps! :)
22:28 03.11.2017.
thxs for your reply!
do you watch what you get in with cronometer daily? to see if you get enough or to much?
and how did you found out how many you needed?
because i know there are many that say we need at least 2000 on raw..

i like to eat melons every day!! but i am kinda scared now ...a little hihi

do you also have and like galia where you live?

16:19 04.11.2017.
Hi Jane!

No, not really. I have been on a 100% vegan diet since 2005 and on a 100% low fat raw vegan diet since February 2012 and with time I learnt how much I need and I don't have to check out the numbers daily.

I do so from time to time, just because my analytical brain likes to know the numbers. :)

Actually, I cannot eat Galia. For some reason it is not my cup of tee. Piel De Sapo and Honeydew are my soul mates. :)
22:56 04.11.2017.
Thxs again!

I know myself that since starting 801010 i feel the need to put everything in cronometer... but its crazy, i believe... but who else put everything they eat in a calculator?? I learned it when beginning 801010.. but i do believe its not a normal thing to do ;) just sharing my thoughts...

Whats wrong with galia? What happen when you eat that> or do you dont like it?

16:20 05.11.2017.
There is nothing wrong with Galia, it is just that I get a stomach ache from it and it is just not my fruit... :(

But, it is a wonderful fruit indeed. As all fruit is wonderful. :)
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