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Happy News #2: The First World Peace
Added 2016-07-16 22:39:46

In today's Happy News we are happy to announce that The First World Peace has just begun.  

People all around the world have been reporting attacks of love and peace. Scientists cannot explain these  enormous explosions of love and compassion, while astrologers tell us that our Planet has entered a phase of peace in which the dominating feeling is love and spiritual teachers explain to us that we all love.  

We all come from the unconditional love and the humanity has came a long way to finally evolve to feel that each of us is love in our essence. It is finally happening, we are entering a beautiful phase of love and peace. These are exciting times! 

As you heard, the First World Peace has begun so, please spread the word about it and celebrate by forgiving and loving first yourself and then the others. 

These were Happy News, stay tuned for more and stay happy!

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