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Downsides of Smoothies
Added 2016-10-12 23:44:28

Today we are talking about smoothies, or precisely, why I don't endorse smoothies.  

I have created 4 raw vegan diet meal plans for all 4 four seasons: spring, summer, winter and autumn meal plan and recently, someone who has got all of my meal plans asked me why there is no a single smoothie in any of my meal plans. And in fact, many people are surprised to hear that I use no smoothies on my raw diet and I with my coaching clients I often come to a conclusion that it is best for them to avoid smoothies.  

What do I have against so popular smoothies? surprise Let's talk about this... 

I don't use smoothies because, personally, I don't like their texture and taste and when I used to drink smoothies, they would never digest well for me, in fact all that liquid would just sit in my stomach.  

But, this is me personally. However, I have seen that I am not the only one who is not doing well on smoothies. Therefore, today I want to argument my reasons against smoothies from the point of our digestion capabilities and physiology. 

Before I go on, I want to say that I know many people who are doing very well on smoothies and they love them, so if you are one of those people, absolutely continue to enjoy your smoothies. However, I would still encourage you to read this blog post and at least think about what I have to say on this topic so that you might have some explanation for someone else who is not doing well on smoothies.  

Besides my arguments against smoothies, I'll also give you tips on what is the best way to  consume smoothies if you really like them. 

There is a couple of issues with the smoothies. 

First would be: too much food too quickly

Typically, what happens is that people make a 2 liter smoothie and those 2 liters of liquid food are gone in just a couple of minutes.  

We are designed to eat food by grinding it in our mouth with our teeth. Digestion starts in the mouth with mastication and insalivation of the food. During this stage of digestion process, the brain scans the food, defines which are the primary macronutrients and according to that, sends a signal to the stomach to start preparing the certain digestive juices od the certain pH values and certain dygestive enzymes for the food that is in the mouth. 

If we skip the this stage of digestion process, which happens when we drink liquid food, and logically, drinking smoothies through a straw only worsens the case, the stomach gets the food before it is ready for it and the food is not insalivated enough to be ready for the next stage of digestion, that is in the stomach. 

This way, the food is not digested well and here is the irony: people believe that the more they put in their blender, the more food they will drink and thus the more nutrition they will get. But the truth is the opposite: it doesn't matter what goes into your mouth, it matters what goes into your cells. You cannot go against your physiology and force your body to work more than it can. That is, you can try to force it, but the body cannot go over its capabilities and the only result you would get is ill health consequences.  

What I usually hear from people is that they drink their 2 liter smoothie in a couple of minutes, 15 minutes later their smoothie goes down the toilet and they are hungry again.  

Solution: If you like smoothies, go ahead and enjoy your smoothies, but don't drink them, rather sip them slowly, chewing every sip; it is also a good idea to chop up some fruit in the smoothies so that you actually have a real reason to chew. 

In my meal plans I suggest "porridges" and puddings that are thick, so they have to be eaten with a spoon and held long enough in the mouth.

Too much cellulose and oxalates 

Green smoothies are fruit and greens mixtures. Yes, greens are a good source of minerals which are important in a diet. However, more is not better. We don't need more that we need and we don't need what we cannot eat in its natural state. Often, people put tough, dark green leaves in the smoothies, because they are rich in minerals. Yes, they are rich in minerals, but also in cellulose and oxalates. Cellulose is a type of complex cabrohydrates that we cannot digest so it can cause gas in the intestinal tract and oxalates are antinutrients that bind to minerals.  

Solution: Focus on eating salads with tender greens and if you like green smoothies, have a glass of it, not 2 liters of it in one sitting. 

Incompatible food combinations 

Somehow along the line, some people got to believe that raw diet means: just put in the blender everything you have in the fridge, blend it and drink it. Well... This is not a reasonable course of action if we care about good digestion. It is important that only foods that are compatible digestion wise are combined together. It happens often that people blend together foods that require different pH conditions of digestive juices, different digestive enzymes or have different passing times and this lead to fermentation of food which creates toxic substances to the body.    

Solution: Combine foods that are compatible digestion wise. Check out my blog on proper food combining HERE.

Bad reputation to a raw diet 

What I also hear from some people is the next scenario: they make a smoothie a night before, put it in the bottles in the fridge and just take it with them the next day to their school or work. And then they say they are emberrased  when they drink this liquid food because of the varied looks they get from other people. Do you expect that people will be attracted to some bottled oxidized liquid?  

Solution: Don't damage food, instead make beautiful, colorful and fresh fruit platters. Only this way... your food might be too attractive so, always get some more for sharing! wink

I hope this video was informative and beneficial to you. I would love to hear about your opinion and experiences with smoothies, so please leave them in the comment section below.  

Keep glowing,


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13:25 08.06.2017.
Hello Marina,
Thank you! Now I know why I didn't digest the smoothies.
Xoxo Carolina
19:22 08.06.2017.
Hi dear Carolina!

Thank you for your comment. I am glad if I helped!

07:15 02.09.2017.
I know when I followed chef AJ for a while, she also spoke about the downside of smoothies, that people often put to much fruit in the blender and that they eat MORE this way, than when they just eat the fruits Whole.
She complains that smoothies can cause weight gain this way..

Do you also believe this?

How do you think about dressings? because its somehow comparing to smoothies.. you also mix fats/greens/sometimes fruits or Dates in it..

I doubting the dates... they are fruit, but they are also very high in sugar without the water. I avoid them at the moment. But not sure..

Thanks for responding!
sending you love!!!
15:05 03.09.2017.
Hi dear Jade!

Thanks for stopping by and for your comment.

Yes, drinking makes it easier for one to get in too many calories too quickly without noticing.

Dressing are far better because:
You don't make a 2 litter dressing and drink it. You make a glass of dressing, cover your veggies with it and then chew the veggies! :)

I don't use dates in dressings, typically, due to the proper food combining.

I hope this helps! :)

Much love to you too! <3

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