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Unsustainable And Unhealthy Raw Diet of Novak Djokovic
Added 2016-10-26 16:56:22

Today we are talking about the diet of the famous tennis player Novak Đoković, or precisely, about that what newspapers say about his diet. I don't know if that what is written in newspapers is true or not, but I am afraid that many people take for granted everything they read, so that is why I see a great need for this video.  

The article that we gonna talk about today, gives an absolutely wrong picture about a healthy, raw vegan diet. When the readers that know nothing about a raw diet, read this article, they will get a wrong perception of a raw diet. 

The article gives an example of Novak's typical, raw meal. Let's see what it reads: peas and corn with parsley and olive oil, carrots with ginger and lemon, cucumbers and Waldorf salad, walnuts, apples and cashew mayonnaise. 

OK, so let's see what is wrong with this meal. 

When we take out the oils and fats, this meal consists of low calorie ingredients drenched in lots of fats. We can digest raw peas and corn when they are very young and fresh; carrots are hard to digest, but possible when they are young; parsley – it is a joke to consider parsley as one of the main ingredients in a meal... None of this ingredients can be considered as a sustainable calorie source. Overall, this meal is a mix of low calorie ingredients drenched in lots of fats.   

Olive oil - Oil is that what you use for the engine of your car, oil is that what makes light in a lantern, oil is that what you put inside the wheels of your roller skates to make them go faster, oil is used on a painting canvas. What is the reasoning behind putting oil – a 100 % fat – in your bloodstream? Oil is toxic to the blood vessels and the inner organs, such as liver. 

Cashews - Cashews are not nuts as many people think. Cashews are seeds on the top of cashew apples. These seeds are inside toxic shells that have to be heated to remove the toxins when opening them.  

All in all, this meal is an unhealthy, unsustainable, high fat meal. There are lots of problems with a high fat diet. I'll  give a picturesque explanation for one of the problems, that I believe would be interesting to an athlete of sport where explosive strength is needed. Fats move through your digestive track and your bloodstream at the pace of a sloth. On the other hand, sugars move at the pace of a cheetah. To have explosive strength, mental clarity and fast decision making ability you want that speed of a cheetah. So, you want sugars from fruit in your diet. 


So, we concluded that the meal stated in this article is a nonsense. Let's see what a healthy raw meal looks like.

But before I give you a picture of a healthy raw meal, I want to encourage you to think about a raw diet in the following way: it is not a point just to eat those foods that we cook in their raw state, but rather to eat the foods that are most appealing to us in their raw state. To figure it out which foods those are, we just need to observe chimpanzees and bonobos – our closest relatives. They thrive on a diet of sweet, juicy, creamy, ripe, delicious fruit, tender greens and some nuts and seeds. 

A healthy, raw breakfast or lunch, would be a fruit platter. Enough fruit to satisfy caloric needs. On a standard diet, people are used to think of one piece of fruit for dessert. But, if your meal is fruit, than you have to have enough to get in enough calories from fruit. For example, to get 1 000 calories, you need about 1.5 kilos, that is about 3 pounds of either grapes, persimmons or figs, or about 8 big bananas. That would be a 1 000  calorie meal. If an athlete spends 6 000 calories in a day, has 3 meals in a day, he or she needs 2 000 calories per meal, so that wouldn't be 8 bananas but 16 bananas. And no... It is not a lot to eat 16 bananas in a meal. If a person spends a lot, he or she needs to replenish. And no... It is not a lot of sugar, sugar is the main fuel of our cells. smiley

And for dinner, when we don't need all that energy rush from sugars, we go for tender greens with some culinary veggies, which botanically fruits, such as zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes... and a small amount of whole food fats, such as some nuts or seeds or avocado or you coconut meat. And that salad needs to be big enough to satisfy caloric needs. That is, big from the point of view from a standard diet, but really, not big, but just enough.  

The quantities of food on a low fat raw vegan diet

I'll give an example from my own experience. With my tiny body frame and one fitness and one yoga class per day, I eat the quantities that people on a standard diet consider big. So, a professional athlete who spends more than me, would have to eat even more on a raw diet. I usually get the following comments: "U are too thin, it must be you eat a way too little". And then when people see the volumes of my meals say: "For how many people is all that food? Are u really gonna eat all that?" 

"Just watch me!" wink

And this is because people don't think. It is not the volume or weight that we take from food. It is the calories we take from food. Fruits and veggies are water rich foods, so they have fewer calories per bite and thus we need more bites to get in enough calories.  


And now, let's further examine the article... People are stating their opinions, it reads: The question that an ordinary person asks is: how can he train a couple of hours a day, as well as play exhausting matches if he doesn't eat meat? 

OK, so... why would it matter what an ordinary person thinks about an extraordinary person? 

That ordinary person would be better off looking up to that extraordinary person! And maybe, if that ordinary person would stop eating carcasses, he or she wouldn't be so ordinary anymore! 

Carcasses are very difficult to digest, so they take away the energy.  


Further down the article, a nutritionist states her opinion. I am quoting: "My opinion is that Novak should eat meat..."   

Why would anyone care about someone's opinion? We need knowledge, facts and physiology.  

And you Mrs.Nutritionist, do you want to say that Novak looks like a vulture to you? You are suggesting that one of the best tennis players in the world feeds on carcasses? The carcasses for which all the big, unbiased, well conducted studies in the world showed to be the number one cause of atherosclerosis, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, kidney failure, you name it! And as for the ethics of your proposal... Shame on you! 

Really, it is truly not that easy to make me angry, but this lady certainly did! But now, as I finished with her, I can speak to Novak Đoković. 


Nole... First I want to thank you for all the good things that u have done, that u are doing and that you are yet to do. I would be more than happy if you read the book "The 80 10 10 Diet" by Dr. Douglas Graham. The author was a consultant of Martina Navratilova. If you know the lady, you can check out with het about her experience with this diet. Also, on my website, under the "interviews", there is an interview with an ultramarathon runner on this diet. He is saying how he improved his sport performance after adopting this diet. More interviews with althetes on this diet are coming up! wink The book is translated into Serbian – your and my mother tongue – I was the proud translator and the book is also available in 4 libraries in Serbia. I donated the book in 3 libraries and I will donate it to you too if needed, so just that you read it. As for those evil tongues, Nole... you are stronger, bigger and wiser than them, they can try, but they cannot hurt you!

Cheers for your upcoming victories! 


I hope this blog post brought some clarity about healthy raw vegan diet. Please, let me know your thought through the comments. 

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Keep glowing,

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