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How To Pack And Carry A Raw Vegan Lunch
Added 2017-02-11 14:01:14

In this short, but I hope fun video, I want to show the essence of a low fat raw vegan diet: practicality, simplicity, nutritiousness and beauty.

A healthy raw diet consists of whole, ripe fruit, tender greens and in smaller quantities nuts and seeds. The preparation of a healthy lunch is: wash/ peel/ cut fruit. That's it. yes And that's a healthy lunch that will satisfy your need for sugars, give you the instant fuel - simple sugars and hydrate you with the cleanest water. And this kind of lunch can be neatly and nicely packed for a take-away.

This video I made in Thailand where I live through winters, so my bag is full of mangoes, but be sure that this very bag was also full of plums/ peaches/ nectarines... So, ripe, seasonal fruit of a certain region.

Depending on the fruit, you might also need: a knife and a cutting board, napkins.

Advice: it is a good idea to have a knife with a sheath that you can easily and safely care in your bag - except in a carry-on bag. Make sure to always put your knife in a check-in luggage. wink

I hope I gave you some good idea and inspiration. Do you like to eat in nature and which fruit is your favourite to take away with you? Leave your answers in the comment section.

Keep glowing,

Click on the picture below to see what I eat in a typical day in January, in Chiang Mai, Thailand:

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