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What I Ate On A Raw Diet In Zurich - VLOG #2
Added 2017-06-07 21:54:19

Here I am sharing with you my diet at just the first day of our trip. The rest of the days were pretty much similar when it comes to my diet: fruits and tender leaves for me.

First day - lunch: 

First day - dinner:

Caloric intake for the first day - please note that the exercising time was taken approximately and that activity caloric values are also approximates since the activity time doesn't take into account the intensity and efectiveness of the training. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and that you watched the video and enjoyed some moments from our travels. If you enjoyed this blog post and video, please like it, share it and of course, leave your comments!

Keep glowing,

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07:55 01.07.2017.
Dear Marina,

I can not stop watching all of your youtube video's 😊
You are such an inspiration!!

The life you have is amazing! I hope/ i am willing to travel during the wintermonths as well.. but I have to find a way that this works.. (because I have a appartment here...) how do you do this? Do you stay with family during the months in serbia?

How long are you on a rawvegan diet? and what are the changes you have made so far? (maybe eating different than in the beginning?)

Do you also include sometimes some cooked food as well? steamed vegetables?

Do you think eating raw, fruitarian style is the best for staying on a ideal bodyweight?
do you think some cooked food effects this weight??

Thank you so much!!!!
22:36 01.07.2017.
Hi dear Yalissa!

Thank you for watching my videos, reaching out and your kind words. I am glad you enjoy my videos.

Good luck to you with your plans! I am looking forward to hear good news about your accomplishments.

Oh, quite some questions! I might do a video on this, but in short:

- So far I have staying with my family in Serbia, but I am in the process of getting my own place. Once I get it, I might be renting it during winter months when I am in the tropics.
- Check out the "About me" section on the web site;
- Vegan since 2005, low fat raw vegan since February 2012.
- No, nothing cooked.
- It is more than just the choice of food, will make a video about this.

Thank you for all these questions and motivation for making more videos.

Much love to you!
12:27 05.07.2017.
Wow great to hear! So you are truly fully raw!!
Nice that you are looking for a own place. Do you want to buy a house? Or rent it and than rent it in wintermonths to someone else?

I love living minimalistic, not a lot of stuff, that is such a free feeling!!
I want to work that way more.. and trow out a lot more stuff.

I am a bit researching between whole starch based diet and a rawfood diet. Especially for weight lose. I know that there are more things that plays a role.. but there are also so much different opinions!

You do exersice a lot I think? So the sugars are burned up that way more easy,,, i Think?

When are you going back to Thailand?

Kis and hug|

17:47 05.07.2017.
Hi dear Yalissa!

Yes, I am 100% raw, low fat.

I see where the confusion comes from. I highly recommend you to read "The 80 10 10 Diet". It is available at:

You'll see, everything will become super clear.

As for sugars: I LIVE ON SUGARS! :)

Exercising, consistent and relatively intense, but not long hours. In fact, check out my page "Fitness & Yoga".

As for other questions: not sure about my home yet, Thailand, always in January.

Much love!
21:39 05.07.2017.
Thanks for your reply! Super :)

Yeah very frustrating... starch...fruits... raw..cooked.. hihi so much different opinions
And they say when you are on fruit you have to exersice a lot to burn the sugar, because otherwise you gain..

Oke, what is not long hours? 10min, 30min, 1 hour a day?
I watched some of those videos! Nice! But you mostly do yoga and some bodyweight exersice?
Or also running/jogging? Or some form of cardio..?

And oh please do a video on fruit vs starch!!

18:12 13.07.2017.
Dear Yallissa,

Each and every of your cells NEED sugar! To be alive it is essential to have blood sugar!

I usually exercise around 20 minutes in the morning and 20 - 40 minutes of Vinyasa flow yoga in the evening. :)

Will do! Thank you for suggesting such a great topic!
21:21 09.09.2017.
hey Marina
I started a rawdiet also and love the fruits!!
i never did eat this much! and to be honest never eat the denser calorie rich fruits.

Do you eat bananas often? are those a stable of your diet? or do you prefer to eat more water rich fruits like melons.. peaches..

fruity kis
19:53 10.09.2017.
Hey Linn!

Thank you for reaching out and congrats for your fruity journey! :)

Bananas are my spring staple when there is no juicier fruit. And when I am in the tropics, I love "apple-bananas", they are my staple on the tropical islands.

I highly encourage you to download free samples of my meal plans at:

You'll, they will help you a lot! ;)
22:40 11.09.2017.
Thank you for responding!

So you eat them only in spring and in the tropics?
Apple-bananas hihi, that sounds nice!

Bananas are more heavy, so in winter they maybe more filling to protect against the cold. But I dont want to gain a lot of weight ;) and I know they advises them for this in the raw community on Facebook.

Do you feel different when you eat more waterrich fruits?

Oh i did download them! and like the simple meals you make. Mostly mono, or mixing 2 kinds of fruits.
I struggle with planning meals... when I have to much in the house.. I am doubting what to take for the next day and which combinations. I prefer to eat not to much different fruit on the same day... but often I eat 3 fruitsmeals and these are 3 mono fruitmeals of different fruits.
What do you advise on this?
Because in your mealplan, you also use more fruits on a day.

Thanks again!!
19:18 12.09.2017.
Hi dear Linn!

Yes, as the staple. When I have peaches, nectarines, grapes, persimmons, mangoes, dragon fruits... I am more attracted to those. :)

You can overeat on any food which might cause a weight gain. There is no reason to fear bananas in that regard as long as you don't constantly and deliberately overeat. :)

As for different banana varieties - I think you would love my book "Tropical Fruit Guide"! Check it out at:

Have you got the whole 7 day meal plans or just the samples? :)

I believe you would get your questions answered in them! :)
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