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Homemade Natural All Purpose Cleaner
Added 2017-06-18 17:45:04


  • Citrus peels
  • White vinegar  


  • A peeler 
  • A mason jar
  • A strainer 
  • A spray bottle


  • Peel some citrus fruit; 
  • Remove all the fruit meat from the peels; 
  • Place the citrus peels into the mason jar; 
  • Cover the citrus peels with white vinegar so that they are submerged into it; 
  • Close the mason jar; 
  • Leave the jar closed for three weeks;

  • After three weeks, open the jar, remove the peels and strain the liquid;
  • Place the liquid – the natural cleaner – into a spray bottle; 

You have a natural cleaner!

I hope you like this "recipe". If so, please share it. Leave your comments - perhaps you would like to share some similar recipe? smiley

For your clean house,

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04:20 03.07.2017.

Love this simple recipe and it just comes spot on me as I have a big bag full of dried oranges rinds.

04:28 03.07.2017.

What's the idea behind this cleaner? I know and use vinegar for cleaning glass and scaling. Are the rinds to get rid of the vinegar smell? Vinegar is not that good for general cleaning, glass aside. How does this recipe turn it suitable for general cleaning?

Also, what is it meant with "general" cleaning? For cleaning in general I just use a duster or a damped cloth as I don't believe in the bacteria paranoia ;-) I only use cleaners to get rid of spots, marks etc.

Sorry for the many questions. Thank You and keep up with the good fruit! ;-)
17:53 05.07.2017.
Hi Gio!

Thank you for stepping by and for your comment.

I am glad u like this recipe. Orange peels release citrus oil which is antibacterial. Now, with the bacteria, I also don't buy into that bacteria paranoia, however, I would say that clean environment is important and that unnatural environment might create some unfriendly bacteria. Also, citrus oil gives that nice scent.

I hope this help! :)

Good fruit to you as well! ;)
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