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How I Eat 2kg/ 4lbs Of Fruit At Once
Added 2017-12-12 22:22:34

In this video I am showing you my typical daily lunch. I have been on a vegan diet since 2005 and on a 100% low fat raw vegan diet since 2012. So, I eat fruit, tender greens and small amounts of nuts and seeds. 

My typical lunch consists of fruit. Which fruit, it depends on the season and my locality. So for example, in the persimmon season in Europe, my lunch is... persimmons! And now, let's get to that lunch. 

Lunch preparation: first we need to choose the ripest persimmons. It is extremely important to eat fruit only when it is ripe. We wash them, dry them, abracadabra... Bon appetit!   

With this video I want to show that: 

  • A healthy diet doesn't mean eating small amounts if unhealthy food; 
  • A healthy diet doesn't mean eating the food that is unpalatable and indigestible for us in its unprocessed state; 
  • A healthy diet doesn’t mean eating some "magical" powders; 
  • A healthy diet doesn't mean eating a pudding made with a bird food; 
  • A healthy diet doesn't mean drinking oxidized liquids; 

A healthy diet means simply eating the food that we are biologically adapted to, in the appropriate amounts to meet our caloric needs. 

Maybe from a standpoint of the standard diet, where fruit is considered a dessert or a snack, this much fruit... 1 600 g/ 56 oz... seems a lot, but in fact it is not a lot if this fruit is the actual meal. So, for example, 1 600 g/ 56 oz of persimmons comes down to about 1 100 kCal. Bear in mind that I don't have breakfast and that I don't eat, snack or drink anything except water in between meals, and thus this meal, is an appropriate lunch for me that, together with my dinner of out 900 kCal, meets my typical daily caloric needs.  

Logically, a person with bigger calorie need than me we'll need a bigger meal and a person with smaller calorie need than me, we'll have a smaller meal.  

Of course, this lunch could be also divided into a breakfast and a lunch, if that is preferred and more suitable for someone's daily schedule. 

Have in mind that that fruit is rich in water and water has its weight and volume but doesn't have calories. Thus, the same number of calories in a bigger volume and weight of fruit can be found in a smaller volume and weight of some other food that is not that rich in water. 

Fruit being rich in water both nourishes and hydrates our cells! 

While my lunches are pretty simple, I usually make various salads for my dinner. You can find low fat raw dinner ideas in my "Health Glows Meal Plan Set" that is available on my website. And don't forget to download the free samples! wink

And finally, with this video I want to show that is high time that a fruit meal is culturally and socially accepted. 

And now, I have a question for you: do you practice and enjoy fruit meals? Please, leave your answers in the comment section below. 

I hope this blog post and video are useful to you. If that's so, plase like them and share them!

Keep glowing,

Click on the picture below to learn more abour persimmons:

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Milena Dimovska
14:26 16.12.2017.
Thank you for being informative, precise and down to the point. Your videos are very clear and inspirational for me.
Regards from Heidelberg, Germany
20:01 17.12.2017.
Awwww, THANK you dear Milena. You have just made me so happy. Yes, that's what I am trying to be and I am so happy if you see me that way.
17:38 19.02.2018.
Dear Marina,

You are looking very healthy and fit! wow :)
I follow you on youtube for a while now and instagram. You show often your lunchmeals with lots of juicy fruits!I am curious how your dinners look like?
I have some of your books, where you give mealideas for a day... but i did see that you dont eat this way (because you only eat twice a day)

How does your dinner look like?
Does this contains fruits also? (with the greens)
and always some kind of fats?

Thank you for being here!

08:15 21.02.2018.
Hi dear Kate!

Thank you for reaching out, following me, your compliments and the comment.

Then, I guess you have the samples of my "Health Glows Meal Plan Set". In the whole 7 day meal plans I give the explanation of why I choose to eat twice a day and how I organize my meals.

Beside that, I have a couple of vlogs in which I show exactly what I eat in a given day. Here is the link to the playlist of this vlogs:

I hope this helps! :)
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