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What I Eat In A Day On A Low Fat Raw Vegan Diet in Chiang Mai - VLOG #4
Added 2018-02-21 09:34:27

In today's blog post and video I want to show you what I eat in a typical day in January. Over the years my home for January has become the Thai city of Chiang Mai and my favorite fruits in this city in January are: dragon fruits, tangerines, and mangoes. And these three fruit varieties make the majority of my diet in January. But let me take you through my typical day.  

skip breakfast and instead exercise. So my first meal of the day is lunch and my typical lunch in January is tangerines and dragon fruit. I most often have my lunch in nature, so I pack my fruit – around 1 kilo/ 2.2 lbs. of tangerines and 1 kilo/ 2.2 lbs. of dragon fruit and enjoy my lunch in nature.  

For my dinner, I usually have mangos, around 2 kilos/ 4.4 lbs. of mangoes with some tender green leaves, my lettuce of choice is baby cos or butterhead lettuce. 

So, this is my daily menu plan for most days in January in Chiang Mai, but instead of these fruits, on some days I might eat some of the following: jackfruit, sapodillas or a salad. 

If you would like me to post a recipe for my favourite salad that I make when I travel, let me know through the comments! wink

As you can see, I rotate just a couple of different foods during the whole month. I just choose the fruits that I like the most for the given season and I enjoy those fruits. I eat a wide diversity of different fruits throughout the year, but I keep it simple for the given season and especially per meal. 

I hope you found this blog post useful. If that so, please like it and share it. Let me know in the comments what do you eat in a typical day. 

Keep glowing,

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