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Why Do I Eat (Only) Twice A Day
Added 2018-03-02 22:23:33

In a nutshell:  

  • I love to get to feel real hunger and thus enjoy more in a meal; 
  • I enjoy my rest from food that I have in between meals; 

And now the detailed answer: 

I grew up in environment that encouraged three meals per day plus snacking and drinking juices in between meals. And thus I lived in a belief that three meals per day are a necessity and that snacking and drinking juices in between meals is a reward.  

Without a particular plan to reduce the number of my meals - please notice that I am not talking about the calorie restriction, but just about bringing the number of meals to two per day - it happened spontaneously that the more I cleaned my diet and since I introduced starting my day with some fitness, the less I enjoyed to eat often in a day. 

I haven't eaten meat since 2004, I haven't eaten any animal-based food since 2005 and since 2012 my diet consists exclusively of fresh fruits, tender greens and in small amounts nuts and seeds. Sometime around 2011, I excluded breakfast and thus showed to myself that the myth that says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day does not apply to me. Even more, for me it is the most important meal to be skipped. 

As always, we can find all the answers and logic in nature. In our natural habitat, the sole act of finding breakfast would provide some physical activity which is the best way to wake up the body after the sleepy state. After it is woken up on all levels, the body is more capable of efficient taking in, processing and eliminating food.  

During the night rest there is the vital energy accumulation that our bodies direct towards cleansing themselves. This cleansing phase is prolonged into the hours after waking up if it is not stopped by a digestive task.

And so, since I skip my breakfast, I am left with lunch and dinner. I don't take in anything in between my meals, except of sips of water if and when needed. 

When I started with my two meal a day practice – sometime in 2011 – I didn't know that there was a name for this practice: intermittent fasting. 

From my experience, this is a very beneficial practice and I learnt to love that rest from food that I have in between meals. I would especially point out the following benefits:  

  • Rested digestive tract muscles have a better ability to contract, that is to perform peristalsis;
  • Digestion and elimination are improved;  
  • Teeth are less often exposed to the possibility of food remains on the teeth surface; 
  • You get to feel the real hunger and more enjoy in the meal; 
  • You develop and practice mindfulness during the meal; 
  • You are left with more time in a day for other activities; 
  • It is easier and more efficient to exercise when digestive tract is not overworked constantly; 

​I hope you find this blog post useful and informative. If that is so, please share it and please let me know through the comments how many times a day do you eat, have you tried eating twice a day and if you have, how has it worked for you. I am looking forward to see your answers! 

Keep glowing, 


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From James Mackinder (to Marina Mackinder...)
18:42 14.03.2018.
Great post, Marina..! 🙂

I did not feel good eating 3x Fruit meals a day..!

With 1x large Fruit meal a day I get to experience "true hunger" and enjoy my Fruit Meals so much more, my digestion is improved, I feel lighter, more energized, more focussed, more athletic, more motivated + more inspired..! 🙂

22:07 14.03.2018.
Hi dear James!

Thank you for sharing. I am so glad we are on the same page. I haven't experimented with one meal a day, though. Two are perfect for me so far. :)
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