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Why I Am (Not) A Christian
Added 2018-04-03 22:57:53

Today I am answering on a topic I am often asked about, especially since in one TV show I said: "When God is with me, who can be against me?" 

Perhaps it is high time I answered the most common questions on this topic. 

Do I believe in God? 

Since believing often excludes knowing and understanding, I would rather offer my understanding of God. God/ Goddess/ Allah/ Yahve/ Krishna/ Shiva/ Universe/ Source... No matter the name, it is always the almighty energy that we are all part of, including the four footed ones, the ones that fly, swim or are rooted to the ground. God is one, expressing as many. 

How does my fruit-based diet go along with Christianity?   

With Christianity, I don't know, but with God, absolutely perfectly. 

Am I a Christian since I don't paint Easter eggs, nor I roast pigs and turkeys for Christmas?  

If I have to do something that is against God in order to wear a Christian label, then I would rather be without the label. 

Am I a Christian if I practice yoga? 

Every way of taking care of your body and journey towards yourself, to the divine self, is blessed by God. 

Am I a Christian if I partially live in Buddhistic, Islamic and Hindu countries?   

The essence of every true religion is the same and it is understanding the words "My father and I are one". The sole existence of many religions is incompatible with the etymological meaning of the word "religion" which derives from the Latin word "religare" and means "to connect". God is one, expressing as many.  

Do I go to the church?  

I would visit Christian churches, just like I would visit Buddhistic temples, Islamic mosques and Hindu sanctuaries... But I feel close to God when I am close to the ocean, or in the mountains, or in the jungle. Nature is my sanctuary. 

When do I celebrate Christmas?   

No, Christmas is not on the 25th of December, nor on the 7th of January, nor on any particular date. It is every morning when we wake up and awake Christ in ourselves, just like Joshua Ben Joseph did 2,000 years ago. 

Am I a Christian?  

If being a Christian means crossing yourself with one hand and stabbing a fork in the body of a dead animal with the other hand, then no, I am not.  

If being a Christian means going to the church and to the butcher's, then no, I am not. 

If being a Christian means celebrating Christ with roasted dead animals and getting drunk, then no, I am not. 

Yes, I was baptisized when I was a baby and I proudly taking the label off. The label doesn't matter. What matter is the lifestyle, the lifestyle that pleases God and is compatible nature, that spreads love and compassion to all living beings on our Wholly Mother Earth. 

This is a message from my heart and I sincerely hope that my intentions will be seen as they are: pure and with the only wish to spread some light.

With love,

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17:44 04.04.2018.
Beautifully worded Marina.
19:30 05.04.2018.
Thank you dear John, both for reading and commenting. I am glad my words resonate with you.
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