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Big Portions - Lean Body #2
Added 2018-05-08 12:00:22

In the second part of the series "Big Portions - Lean Body" learn how you can enjoy healthy cakes while easily maintaining your health and lean figure. Also, learn the truth about the root cause of diabetes type 2 and candidiasis.

My constitution usually gets the comments "She is a way too thin" and "It must be she eats nothing". On the other hand, the sizes of my meals get the comments "It's a way too much food" and "How can she eat so much?" 

What's the secret? I have been following a couple of basic principles:  

  • The low fat raw vegan diet 
  • Digestive rest in between meals 
  • Daily exercising 
  • Sufficient sleep 

In the first part of this series I explain the principle number one: the low fat raw vegan diet.  

I made a separate blog post and video, titled "Why Do I Eat Only Twice A Day" in which I explain the principle number 2, digestive rest in between meals. 

I have many videos with workout routines, so I encourage you to exercise with me daily.  

I hope that it is clear that all bodily functions, including digestion, elimination and metabolism are improved when we are well rested.  

In this video you can see me eating my low fat raw vegan cakes. I usually have a mono meal of fruit as my lunch, but sometimes I make myself cakes. Here we have 1,250 g/ 44 oz of cakesThis amount of cakes is usually what people fear to eat in a course of days, or even weeks, while I get to enjoy it in a single meal while easily maintaining my lean figure.  

How's that?  

The answer is simple: my cakes are made of pure fruit and maybe sometimes some vegetables if I am making a carrot cake for example, but mostly pure fruit. Thus, I get to enjoy cakes as a healthy meal.  

Now let's examine these 1,250g/ 44 oz of my cakes: They contain 1 118 kCal. Since I eat twice a day and my daily calorie needs are around 2 000 kCal, this is an appropriate meal for me.  

But now, let's take the same amount of the standard versions of these cakes, contains staggering over 4 times more calories.   

Let's compare the fat content. Are you ready for this? The given amount of my cakes contains only 3.2g/ 0.11oz of fat. While the same amount of the standard version of this cake contains shocking 215g/ 7.5oz of fat.  

In the first video of this series I explain how too much dietary fats impede metabolism. And now let's explain another issue with too much fat in food. 

The common misconceptions is that sugar causes diabetes and candidiasis, while nothing can be further from the truth. In the scientific community it has been known since 1930s that the cause of these states is insulin resistance which develops when dietary fat is stored in the cells that are not designed to store fat, namely muscle and liver cells. When these cells are clogged with fat, as well as the bloodstream, the insulin cannot do its job and this state is called insulin resistance. In other words, it is not sugar. Has never been. It is fat. And did you know that most food labeled as "protein" rich food is actually fat rich food? It is just that if it was called "fatty food" it simply would not sound too good for sales.  

The book that very nicely explains sugars vs fats in the diet is the book "The 80 10 10 Diet" by Dr. Douglas Graham. I highly recommend it. 

There are many healthy cake recipes on my channel already, so check them out, or you might want to check out my recipe book "Raw For Glow" that has a separate section on low fat raw vegan cakes.

Click on the picture below to check out my recipe book "Raw For Glow":


I hope you liked this video and that you learnt something useful. If that is so, please share this blog post and comment below. 

Sweet regards,

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