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How I Manifested My Dream House
Added 2018-07-08 11:20:37

In today's video I am sharing with you one of my successful manifestations of one of my wishes. Let's just for a moment pause and think about that word "successful". Let's acknowledge that we are extremely successful at manifesting our thoughts. In fact, we are always living in the manifestations of our thoughts. This means that it is extremely important that we are very picky in choosing which thoughts we allow to play a role in our lives. But, let's get to the story.  

March 2016

After a month of living on a small island in the Souther Philippines, unexpectedly I decide to move to a Thai island of Phangan where I live for the following month. During that month, on one occasion, my roommate at the time and I, visit a friend who lived at the time in a beautiful villa, on a beautiful property in a middle of the jungle. As I love beautiful architecture and interior design, my encounter with the villa was love at the first sight.  

While I was walking up the stairs to the entrance, I remember I thought "How nice would it be if I lived in this villa". This thought was immediately followed by an envy voice in my head: "Hey girl, how do you mean to afford such a villa?"  

I surprised myself when I shut down the voice: "Shut up and let me dream at least!" 

I would point out to yet another moment during that particular visit. In the moment when we passed by a guest room, all of the sudden I though "my room". And laughed to myself for even having such a thought. 

However, two years later... it happened that that particular room was really my room for a month.  

But, let's stay in 2016 for a little more. So, after the visit, my roommate at the time and I went back to our nice, but more modest house and I remember how I expressed aloud my gratitude for the beautiful island, our house, living close to the beach and the ocean. 

During that month in 2016, I also met a very talented photographer who booked me to model for her. Why is this piece of information relevant will be clear a bit later in the story.  

Before I left the island that year of 2016, I wrote in "My Life Planner", a story, present tense, first person singular, of how I live on a tropical island, in a beautiful villa and I am modelling. 

I left the island and moved on with my life. 

February 2017

I go back to the island for a month. There is no villa and no modelling. But, in truth, I didn't even expect any of that. What's more, I even forgot about all of that. 

However, the Universe didn't forget. 

The autumn 2017

I got a message from the photographer whom I met in 2016 on the island, and the message read: "Hi Marina! How are you? Are you coming to Pangan this coming winter? Do you perhaps remember the villa where our mutual friend lived in 2016? Well, we are living in that villa now and if you want, the guest room is all yours. You can come whenever you want and stay as long as you want. And... if you would like to model for me again, we can make some nice photos." 

Feeling grateful and happy I accepted the invitation and spent a beautiful month in the villa I wanted, doing what I wanted... The photos that we made are in my book "The Universe In You" - an interactive book that teaches you how to carefully choose your thoughts, and thus the manifestations in your life.  

I would like to take away the following messages from this story: 

  • Wish with a heart of a child. Meek shall inherit the Earth.  
  • Free yourself from the limiting generational thinking and acknowledge how free you are in your creating. God is the creator and the creation.  
  • The Universe knows better than you when you are ready for a certain manifestation. Your task is not to artificially make manifestations happen in the outer world, because that is a path that doesn't result in the inner satisfaction no matter how much material things have been collected. Rather, work on your inner world. This way the wished manifestations will come as a reflection of your enriched inner world. But more importantly, you will have the inner satisfaction. As above, so below, as within, so without.   
  • Be grateful for that what you already have and for that what you want as if you already have it. Who has, will have. 

This is just one of many of my similar life stories.  I believe that many of your have similar stories to share, so, please go ahead and share them with all of us in the comments below.

If you appreciate these blog post and video, please share them.

Keep glowing,


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leslie feuerborn
20:55 14.07.2018.
I was in a universe prior to the existence of this one, and applied the basic principles (much you mention), and accidentally manifested this crazy universe we find ourselves in now. At first I was quite distressed at what I'd done, and there are plenty of people who seem angry at this universe..... but thanks to people like you, especially raw vegans, I'm thinking it's all "OK", and I should not worry since there are plenty of good folks enjoying it and manifesting their own universes within them, at least (they just shouldn't go as BIG! as I did)
18:30 15.07.2018.
Hi dear Leslie!

Thank you for this lovely and thought provoking comment! So well put. <3
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