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Natural Face Lifting
Added 2019-01-26 02:55:38

  • a silicon cup set 
  • some oily base for your skin
For the oily base, I am using coconut oil or shea butter or cacao butter

Order a silicon cup set:
Order unrefined shea butter:

  • Wash your face;
  • Apply the oily base to my skin;
  • Bring a silicon cup to your face, press it to form vacuum inside the cup and then pull the cup against your skin in the following directions:
  • under your eyes, from your nose towards the ends of your eyes,
  • on the lower jaw, from your chin towards your ears,
  • from down upwards over your cheeks,
  • in circular motions on your cheaks,
  • from one side towards the other side of your forehead,
  • from down upwards on your forehead,
  • over your neck and chin, avoiding your troat;
  • You can use three different sizes of these cups.
  • Use the smallest one under your eyes, above your brows and around your lips.
  • In the end, clean you face with a massage brush.
Of course, the most important for you toned skin is the diet that hydrates your body, that is the diet of fresh fruits and veggies.

I hope you like this technique and that you will use it. Thank you in advance for your comments and for sharing these blog post and video.

Keep glowing,
Click on the picture below to see my natural face and hair care:
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