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What I Eat In A Day On A Raw Vegan Diet On A Tropical Island - VLOG #5
Added 2019-03-31 19:39:18

I start my day with exercising. I do not eat in the morning due to a subjective reason that I love to wait with my meal until I feel hunger, which is some time after noon.

For my lunch I generally choose my favorite fruit from the array  of given fruits for the particular season and location.

For January and February on the island of Borneo, that would be my all time favorite fruit: chempedak.

I give a yoga class in the evening after which I have my dinner which in the given case would be my favorite combination: rambutans, a cucumber and a sprouted coconut.

Watch my video "How To Open A Sprouted Coconut":

Here are my answers to the most common questions:

  • I eat until I fill satiated. On average, I spend and intake around 2,000 kCal per day.
  • I practice simplicity per season, and especially per meal, while I have a variety over the year through different seasons. 

If you are interested to learn about chempedak, rambutans and other tropical fruits, I recommend my e-book Tropical Fruit Guide.

I hope you enjoyed these blog post and video and that my menu is a useful example to you. Please leave your comments and maybe even share your typical daily menu. 

Keep glowing,


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