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What I Ate At Our Easter Family Lunch
Added 2019-05-05 19:12:52

I have been on a vegan diet since 2005 and on a low fat raw vegan diet since 2012. My main calorie source is fruit. My personal preference is to skip breakfast and for my lunch I most often have a monomeal of fruit, and less often a combination of 2 to 3 fruit varieties that are compatible digestion wise. So, practically, examples of my lunch would be a meal of peaches, or bananas, or grapes... or some other fruit, in enough quantity to meet my caloric needs for the given meal. For my dinner I usually have some easy-to-digest vegetable meal. There are many low fat raw vegan dinner ideas in my recipe book “Raw For Glow”

There was a wide spectrum of different foods served at our Easter dining table this year. And while the other members of my family chose to have some of those foods in their plates, I chose to have one of my favorite combinations. I made myself my creamy and sweet
date-carob spread and I enjoyed it with some strawberries.  

Yes! That when take a fresh, sweet strawberry and dip it into this sweetest cream and then you get that fantastic mix of textures and tastes! That what many are dreaming to have as a treat sometimes, I choose to have as my meal.   

Thanks to my fresh fruit and veggie diet that contains a relatively small amount of fat, which is actually just an adequate amount of fat, and is rich in water and fiber, plus intermittent fasting, my insulin sensitivity level is very high, or better say just as it should be, but high in comparioson to the insulin senstivity level of most people today. Thislevel of insulin sensitivity allows me to enjoy sweet meals of whole fruit without negative consequences that people on a standard/ vegetarian/ vegan/ raw or some other diet with a high fat intake might feel because the high fat intake lowers insulin sensitivity and creates insulin resistance.  

And I was even the honored winner of the biggest Easter egg. And trust me, no one dared to compete with me in the Easter egg cracking. 

I mean... if it can be told that bunnies carry eggs around, I can freely call my melon egg. 

I hope that these blog post and video inspired you to be congruent with your own believes and to choose authentically what is going to be in your plate regardless of what others in your vicinity choose for their plates. If that's so, thank you in advance for sharing these blog post and video and commenting.

Keep glowing,

Click on the picture below to see what I ate at our New Year Family Lunch:

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