Raw Summer Meal Plan

"Raw Summer Meal Plan" teaches you how to organize, prepare and serve meals on a low fat raw vegan diet with the ingredients available during summer time in the northern hemisphere. Please notice that different fruit varieties are available in different summer months. This is great for the diversity, but complicate a bit the creation of a meal plan. I included all summer fruits in the meal plan in such a way that the first days of the meal plan represent the beginning of summer and the last the end of summer.

What do you get from "Raw Summer Meal Plan"?

  • In total twenty-one different ideas for healthy and tasty low fat raw vegan meals;
  • Recipes;
  • Ideas for nice servings;
  • Practical advice for choosing and storing produce and preparing recipes;
  • Calculated caloric values and caloronutrient ratios of meals;  
  • Beautiful and inspiring photos of meals;

I sincerely hope that "Raw Summer Meal Plan" will give you a lot of value and that you will enjoy in healthy, tasty and nicely arranged raw food. 

Keep glowing,
Marina from "Health Glows"


"It is phenomenal Marina! Good job. Thank you for constanly inspiring us."

Slađana Kalić, Novi Sad, Serbia

"My dear mentor,
You have done a great job with this meal plan, I love it!
Just after a couple of first days I felt changes such as having more energy, feeling lighter, and performing better in my fitness...
Thank you for the inspiration!"

Anamara Zedi, Novi Bečej, Serbia

""Raw Summer Meal Plan" is helping me a lot since I am transitioning to a raw diet at the moment and it happens to me that I cannot estimate how much food I need on a daily basis. This is where the summer meal plan helps me to develop the sense about calories and food quantities - primarily, but also about food combinations, especially for the "green" dinners."

Zorica R, Nov Sad, Serbia


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