Tropical Fruit Guide

"Tropical Fruit Guide" is an e-book that presents you 40 different tropical fruit varieties with the information about their scientific names, descriptions, taste descriptions, origins and interesting facts, all accompanied with beautiful photos.

Weather you are already knowledgeable about tropical fruit and you would like to have a nice collection of their descriptions and photos, or you are on a path of discovering tropical fruit and you need a guide, "Tropical Fruit Guide" will make you happy!

All the fruits described in this book are devided into groups according to their similarities and then explained the differences among the similar the fruits, so that it would help you distinct different fruit varieties.

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What do readers say about this book?

"In this misguided age of foodie sensualism, the time was never riper for the world’s ailing populations to wake up to the ultimate in healthfully dazzling cuisine: tropical fruits. No other natural foods or substances induce the feelings of pleasure and deliver the true vibrant wellness that we are all seeking. A meal of tropical fruit is the ultimate, and the variety of choices Nature has provided and the range of flavors is mind-blowing! After trying a few of the fruits showcased in Ms. Grubic’s piquant book, even the most obstinate fruitophobics will come around to the delights of our most naturally health-promoting foods. Find out the real reason why you have a sweet tooth! The survival of humanity and the fate of our planet hinges on the rediscovery of humanity’s fruitarian heritage. Let’s hope that "Tropical Fruit Guide" finds its way to many readers and helps humanity find its way back to its pristine sensibilities, awakening one and all to the fact that we are fruitarians, and there is nothing more delicious, nutritious and good than the tropical fruit diet."

David Klein, Ph.D.
Dean of the Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy
Maui, Hawaii

"Did you know a Paw Paw is not a variety of Papaya, doesn't even belong to the same botanical family? Or that Acai is a fatty fruit growing on a palm? Even if you are a great fruit lover you will find a lot to learn from Marina Grubic's wonderful book. Probably you will even come across at least one fruit you've never heard of and subsequently can't wait to try. After presenting some interesting facts about tropical fruits and their relationship to humans, Marina Grubic dedicates one double page to every fruit in the book, accompanying each with a breathtaking picture. She definitely has put lots of love and knowledge in that book! That makes browsing and reading it pure joy and takes the experience of tropical fruit to a whole new level."

Dani Brenneis, Berlin, Germany

"Marina Grubic's book "Tropical Fruit Guide" caught my eye with its delightful presentation. When I opened the pages I was ruptured by the exquisite photos of tropical fruits & information about them. Whilst we can google any information we require these days, sometimes it's nice to sit down & actually turn the pages of a colourful book. I found Marina Grubic's "Tropical Fruit Guide" to be very inspiring to browse and will be particularly comforting during cooler months in temperate climate to uplift the senses."

Kay Lakshmi Cruse, Cheltenham, England

"You did a good work! The design is fantastic and it’s definitively a great overview for people that are just getting to know all the delicious treats of the tropics. And even people who know a lot of the fruits already can learn some new facts."

Timeo Gut, Lucerne, Switzerland

"A great resource to have, this guide is a celebration of the best food on the planet. I appreciate that the author offered both scientific facts as well as interesting tidbits about each fruit. I love how the fruit are grouped according to their biologic families. It is well organized, a fun and informative read... and the pictures are stunning."

Tumi Johnson, California, USA

"The sole reading, along with watching the fantastic photos, has been a very exciting experience for me (it wouldn't be good if my friends from football fields read this statement because I would get lots of redundunt comments...) and I can grade this book with one word - a coursebook. The only drawback of this book is that it doesn't provide the consumption of the fruits described within, and they are described in such a magical way. Wizardry is a hard work, so from my part, you have all the possible compliments. In the end, I can freely add that it is easy to have a passion for tropical fruit when your inspiration is Marina Grubić."

Jovica Tlacinac, Belgrade, Serbia

"OMG Marina:
Just read through the fruit guide. It is beautiful, amazing, so informative and made my mouth water. Thank you so much - Blessings!"

Sharon Morrison, Citrus Springs, FL, USA


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I hope this book will be of a great value to you and that it will provide to you a lot of useful information, beautiful photos and much fun in discovering tropical fruit varieties! Thank you for your interest in my book! 


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17:03 07.06.2017.
Hello Marina:

I am listening to you on Living La Vida. I would love the free Tropical Fruit Guide that you are offering. Thank you for your generosity. When I go to your site, there is no link to a free eBook, only a $7.99 eBook. So maybe the website hasn't been updated to the free link from the Living La Vida website.

Can you send me a link so I can download the free eBook. Thank you - Sharon

19:37 07.06.2017.
Hi Sharon!

Thank you for your interest.

I am sending the e-book gift to the email address directly. So, please, just send me a message through my web site and the gift is yours!

19:53 11.06.2017.
Hello Marina:

I also am listening to you on Living La Vida. I would love the free Tropical Fruit Guide that you are offering. Thank you for your generosity. When I go to your site, there is no link to a free eBook, only a $7.99 eBook. So maybe the website hasn't been updated to the free link from the Living La Vida website.

Can you send me a link so I can download the free eBook. Thank you - Kathy
19:32 12.06.2017.
Hi Kathy!

Thank you for your interest.

There was a misunderstanding. The free e-book was sent to the first listener who messaged me. Sharon won the book!

Thank you for understanding. Please feel free to check my free video playlist of tropical fruit:
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