Health Glows Meal Plan Set

The "Health Glows Meal Plan Set" gives you four seven-day low fat raw vegan meal plans, one for each season.

The purpose of these meal plans is not that you have to apply them to T forever, but rather to apply them in your transition to a raw diet so that through your application of these meal plans, a healthy raw diet would quickly become your second nature and everyday practice. 

What do you get from these meal plans:

  • beautiful photos of food;
  • detailed raw food preparation instructions;
  • ideas for nice servings;
  • advice for food storage;
  • calculated caloric values and caloronutrient ratios for each meal;

These meal plans are also available for purchas separately at "Health Glows" bookstore.

By bying the whole set at once, you get 4 meal plans for the price of 3!

Transition to a raw diet with already worked out, tested, beautiful, nutritious, beautiful and tasty meal plans!

For your health,
Marina from "Health Glows"



"Dear Marina, smiley 

The "Health Glows Meal Plan Set" is, in my opinion, a wonderful collection that should be owned by every healthy, fruit based, diet beginner. It is obvious that the books have been created with love, honestly, from the heart. Every meal is described in details in regards to sugars, fats and proteins. Nothing complicated, very simply put. I have been on this regime for a week now and I truly feel amazing and m caloric needs are met. I have been a vegetarian for 4 years now and I have been constantly searching for a meal plan that would suit me. I have always had problems with being bloated and I was never able to combine foods properly 

Dear Marina, this is a wonderfully combined meal plan. Citrus fruit in the morning is just what my body needs. On one occasion I told you that you radiate with natural beauty and now I can see why. All these plant based foods that are given in nature by God speak to us through you, telling us to return to Mother nature. I am glad to have met you.  

Branimir Đurić, Subotica, Serbia   

"Many thanks for these meal pland and all of your efforts around raw diet. The meal plans are excellent. Again, thank you." 

Jožica Kopač, Celje, Slovenia   

"The meal plans are excellent. The meals are practical and tasty. 
P.S. For me, lemon instead of orange is the bingolaugh" 

Marija Kostić, Belgrade, Serbia 

"Thank you Marina! 

Believe me when I tell you, that only after visiting your web site have I decided to transition to the plant based diet. Somehow, before that, through visiting other web sites, I was not sure if this was right for me. You truly explain everything so well, giving us lots of advice generously (even though I trust that behind each and every piece of your advice are years of research and studying). The meal plans are WONDERFUL, the meals are made quickly and what is most important, all the ingredients are easily accessible 

What is very interesting is that I would have a breakfast straight after finishing my personal hygiene, weather it is at 6 or 8 a.m. Now, I have much more energy and my body doesn't seek food greedily in the morning. Anyhow, all the compliments for your work, you are a wonderful person. I am watching your videos and what l like especially is your winter escapes 

Best regards and all the best!!!" 

Jelena Stanojlović, Velika Plana, Serbia 


"I just have to express my praise for this meal plan set - accessible for the wallet, as well as for the shopping.  Great job Marina! You helped me a lot with the organization 

P.S. The shopping list is now made

 G.M,  Ruski Krstur, Serbia 

"Dear Marina,

I am very satisfied with my purchase on your website. The books are very interesting, they are full of ideas and advice on how to improve one's raw diet.

I have to admit that everything is perfect, but it is hard to me to have salads with no salt and olive oil. But I am trying to exclude salt and fats from my diet. I appreciate your work and I admire the wonderful ideas and combinations in the raw meal plans. 🤗

Warm regards!" 🍀☀
Ljiljana Mihelić, Somobor, Croatia
"What I like about your books is it is simple and doable. I really like a simple way of doing the raw diet and I also  like that you give how much calories etc, info of the meal.

SJ, California

"Dear Marina,
Your books are great - they give me about 30 lunch, 30 breakfast and 30 dinner ideas, which is about 90 meal idea.
Warm regards!"

Slobodan Vrga, Podgorica, Montenegro

"The meal plans are great! My favorite part about these meal plans is that the recipes are so creative, yet made out of simple and optimal ingredients."

Eda Plavljanic, Split, Croatia

"I am delighted with this Meal Plan Set. I have "studied" every meal plan and I really like them. For the past 3-4 days I have been using them intesively in practice and everything is super tasty (of course in the right quantities and in the right time of the day). :)

I live in such a stereotype surroundings that when you say "no" to a slice of bread, piece of meat, a glass of alchohol, you are seen as a weirdo and as if something is not right with you. Not to mention what happens when I go shopping. Besides the job that is very static and weight that was persistant in not leaving me, I clearly showed it the door and I feel fantastic. Besides, at a very young age I learnt what are  the real values
 (for me) and what exactly I want in my life. :) 

I am sincerely sorry for people in my surroundings who see my improvements and how I feel, but simply do not want to change anything, absolutely anything, nor to leave their comfort zone. They will understand someday, don't worry. :) 

And once again, I want to express my gratitude to Marina Grubic for being so hard working and dedicated to her work!"
Jasna K, Arandjelovac, Serbia


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