My Life Planner

"My Life Planner" was the predecessor of "The Universe In You". And while "My Life Planner" is not in printing nor in offer any more, I am leaving this page as a trace of my work history. 

What is "My Life Planner"?

How to use "My Life Planner"? 

The following videos from the "Vortex Stories" series give you an idea on how to write a story on a certain topic. Choose the topic from the list below you are interested in and learn how you can use writing as a tool to focus and manifest... Enjoy!

How To Make Myself Love To Eat Healthy

How To Make Myself Love To Exercise

How To Make Myself Love To Go To Sleep Early

Improve Your Health

Attract Love Into Your Life

How To Be Happy

How To Find Inner Peace

Abundance of Wealth All Around

How Thoughts Become Things

Mass thinking = Mass Reality, How To Get Out?

Fairies Of The Universe - Before You Were Born

Write beautiful chapters of your life story!


"I received today my copy of "My Life Planner" and I am delighted. I think I will read one quote a day and think about it. I am applauding to the asanas on the photos... (I want to learn them too :))."

Bojana Budimir, Bačka Palanka, Serbia

"I received your life planner yesterday in the mail and started planning my year right away. It is such a beautiful planner - with your profound words of wisdom, that are so relevant, so motivational and so sincere, with your stunning shots that radiate so much grace, beauty and agility! You are a real treasure for this world and your determination, your devotion, your passion and curiosity to life are infectious. I couldn't help myself but smile at every dharma nugget and marvel at each new shot that revealed your rich being. You are so gentle and yet so strong, so young and yet so wise, so inspirational and insightful that I want to close my eyes and travel with you - into the inner recess of your spirit."

Antonia Kantradjieve, New York City, USA

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