Raw For Glow

"Raw For Glow" is a low fat raw vegan recipe collection that gives you 111 recipes that:

  • are made with fresh plant based ingredients;
  • according to the correct food combining rules;
  • easy to digest;
  • beautiful for the eye; 
  • tasty for the palate;
  • healthy for the body;

​"Raw For Glow" is the right book for you if you like healthy diet and you enjoy in making beautiful, tasty and healthy food. 


"Hi Marina! 

I am delighted with this book. Everything is simple, quick and easy to make and what is most important, everyone can afford to make these delicacies. You proved that you can make a lot out of little. I am wishing you all the best and that the book reaches out to many people."
Lidia Sakal, Novi Sad, Serbia

"Dear Marina,

The book arrived and what captured my eye immediately is that it looks nice, it has a hardcover and good quality paper, it looks great!

The next thing that I like about it is that there is certain order in the book and it is clear where is what, the recipes are wonderful, they look nice and they look tasty in the pictures! I am pretty sure that this book will help me a lot and give me new ideas. I know I will enjoy this book! 

Thank you."

Živojin Živanović, Belgrade, Serbia

"I bought the book and I have only praise for the idea, book dimensions, the recipes. Excellent! All the best in your future work. smiley"

Marija Blagojević, Belgrade, Serbia

""Raw For Glow" is simply wonderful. It is my pleasure to have such a nicely composed book at home. Although the majority of my work is computer based, I am still more comfortable with having a book in the kitchen with me rather than an Ipad or a phone. smiley"

M.I, Novi Sad, Serbia

"You are wonderful. "Raw For Glow" is a discovery for me. I don't have headaches any more from thinking about what to make, what to put into a dressing or what to use as addition to a meal. Simply, I open the book and my problems are solved. My day is tiring, I have thousand of chores and it makes me tired sometimes to come up with meal ideas, since I am not en expert in that area and sometimes I would like to have something different. So... many regards, you made me sincerely happy. Marina, my uterus leiomyoma reduced, I am not having those stupid surgeries any more like I used to have. When it is gone completely, I will let you know. KISS"


"Marina Grubić resists the imposed trends in the promotion of all the "miracles" for making raw food. She presents the real, wide picture of the essence."

Milan Bodrožičev, Belgrade, Serbia

"Just received Marina's recipe book.

It's such a great present for my daughter! Every recipe has a bright visual, and the directions are very simple even for a 9 years old to succeed! Our first dish happened to be pea dip, and came out deliscious! So much more in queue. 

Thank you Marina Grubic for such a thorough work and moments of joy! 
The book is going for a visit to my daughter's school, her dad's place, and potlucks 

Mira and Kim Milos, Toronto, Canada

"The most original present for my mum, for her birthday!!! The book has met all of my expectations. smiley"

Tatjana Vignjevic, Bajmok, Serbia

"I have just browsed through "Raw For Glow" and I am delighted with it - it is a piece of art and a very useful one!" 
Marina B, MD, Novi Sad, Serbia

"The book is excellent, I recommend it wholeheartedly. ❤"

Milica Dalipovic, Novi Sad, Serbia


"Your recipe book is absolutely fantastic and we love it. The raspberry banana cake is spectacular. smiley We cant wait to go through more of your recepies. Thank you very much for this wonderful creation. Have a great year, all the best!"

Andy Valente, Barcelona, Spain

"Hi Marina!

I am delighted first of all with your book. This book is beautiful, simple, practical, with a high quality paper and a beautiful cover. It is obvious that you created it with lots of love. I love everything about it... Do you know that I keep it on my dinning table and when I look at it, I simply feel these beautiful emotions that I cannot even describe. I have an irresistable wish to meet you😀 
Thank you, thank you, thank you a lot for being just the way you are and for doing such a beautiful and, in my opinion, endlessly humane work. Lots of people need to be awakened, and somehow, all is connected... food... love... compassion... humanity. 
Warm regards! 🍎🍇🍉🍐🍑🍒🍍"
N.M, Belgrade, Serbia
"Raw for Glow is great 😍😍😍"

Dilka Dedić, Varberg, Sweden
"Excellence, prompt, personable, professional, caring.
The cookbook well made and clearly organized. The measurements are very exact and so helpful in the format presented."
Teresa Hinson, San Diego, USA
"I am delighted with you Marina, you are wonderful. "Raw For Glow" is great, short, clear, picturesque, and first of all tasty and healthy.
Warm regards EmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji."
Nada Stojanović, Belgrade Serbia

"Dear Marina,

I cannot stress enough how delighted I am with the "Raw For Glow". It is obvious that you have put the most precious of your knowledge and experience on your raw diet in this precious non-cook book and thus made it easy for all of us who are at the beginning of this life philosophy. I am much grateful to you for sharing your knowledge with us who are not so strongly talented to reach to the very core of that which we tend to belong to."

Marijana Jovanovic, Belgrade, Serbia

"Dear Marina,

"Raw For Glow" is perfect. It is obvious that lots of effort was invested in this book. I appreciate greatly your work and the 80 10 10 diet which this book is based on. Thank you for all of your work!
Jelena Markovic, Belgrade, Serbia

"Dear Marina, 

By this mean I want to let you know that your book arrived to me yesterday well. I browsed through it briefly, but I cannot get to it because it always in the hands of my colleagues at my work. 😁 It has been being examined for two days already. 😃 I am sure I won't be disappointed. I am very muuch content! I want to thank you and wish you lots of good luck!"
Milica Popovic, Belgrade, Serbia



"Raw For Glow" can be yours, shipped to your door, for only 19.99 EUR + shipping! 

Get yourself this collection of 111 healthy and tasty recipes that will transform your culinary skills into a healthy and tasty enjoyment!

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​Thank you for your love and support! 

06:48 08.09.2017.
Hey Marina,

Does the book contains all dinner ideas? or also other meals as well?
Have to find some good digesting dinner ideas :)
Because I struggle with dinner :(

13:46 09.09.2017.
Hi dear Amira!

Thank you for your interest.

Yes, this book contains lots of good, well combined, low fat raw vegan recipes that are perfect dinner options!
12:48 08.11.2017.
Is Paypal the only way to purchase this book Iam in Australia thankyou 🦋🌺🌸
16:20 08.11.2017.
Hi dear Rhonda!

Thank you for your interest. No, of course not. We can figure something else for you. Please, send me a message through the option in the upper right hand side corner and I will email you back.

Warm regards,
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