Wooden Utensils

I am happy to proudly present you beautifully designed, eco-friendly, high quality wooden utensils.

The advantages of wooden utensils:

  • beautiful design;
  • natural, ecological and health-wise safe material;
  • nice look and pleasant feeling under finger tips;
  • contributes to the pleasure of food preparation and serving, as well as to the taste buds;
  • no damage to the dishes surfaces;
  • no metal knocking against dishes sound;
  • unlike the metal, wood doesn't react with acids and warmth of the food and thus doesn't leak hazardous substances that leave a metal taste in the mouth and even change the color of food;
  • durability;

Personal, coconut wood utensil set

  • price: 6.6 EUR

Personal, teak wood utensil set

  • price: 7.2 EUR


Food preparation and serving teak wood utensils

  • price: 7.4 EUR

Special offer
Raw For Glow + Food preparation and serving teak wood utensils

  • price: 19.99 + 7.4 = 27.39 - 10% = 24.66 EUR


"Hi! I have to express my satisfation, I am delighted. Many thanks for everything!"

Ivana Varovic, Varazdin, Croatia

"Thank you so much! The cutlery sets are beautiful. I received them today."

Christianne, The Netherlands

"Hi Marina,

I have received the order and I am very happy with it. The colour, the material and the shape are very good. I really like it. Wish I had known it before. Thank you!

Best regards!"

A. Atmaca, The Netherlands

"I am happy with your service because of trust. I know that your intentions are genuine and your integrity is pure. Quality matters to you and it matters to me. So I had no qualms in ordering products from your business. 
I found the shop at your website easy and straight forward to use, also being assured of course, with the PayPal guarantee.
I was overwhelmed with delight that it meant so much to you that I made a purchase and I was more than exited to share my delight about your products and services with my friends. 
The products are of course of beautiful quality as I didn’t doubt. 
And I enjoy being reminded of my beautiful friend and clever soul every time  I use them.
Namaste 🌟"

Kay Lakshmi Cruse, Cheltenham, England


"The utensils arrived on time and we are very pleased with them."

Violeta Tripkovic, Zlatibor, Serbia

Great job! I am very much satisfied with the wooden utensils and your service, I highly recommend it."

Goran Pejkovic, Belgrade, Serbia


"The wooden utensil is excellent, very unique, and so is the recipe book, very simple.
Thank you... kiss"
Slađana Radisic, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina


I wish you enjoy your healthy bites with wooden utensils and bowls.
Thank you for your love and support!


Click on the picture below to see our offer for wooden bowls:

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