Wooden bowls

I am happy to proudly present you beautifully designed, eco-friendly, high quality wooden bowls.

The advantages of wooden bowls:

  • beautiful design;
  • natural, ecological and health-wise safe material;
  • nice look and pleasant feeling under the finger tips;
  • contributes to the pleasure of food preparation and serving, as well as to the taste buds;
  • no metal knocking against dishes sound;
  • durability;

Big round wooden bowl

  • dimensions: diameter 25 cm/ 9.8 in,  depth 10 cm/ 3.9 in
  • weight: 800 g/ 28 oz
  • price: 18.2 EUR

Big cone-shaped bamboo bowl - SOLD OUT

  • dimensions: diameter 30 cm/ 11.8 in,  depth 12 cm/ 4.7 in
  • weight: 600 g/ 21 oz
  • price: 21.6 EUR

Small cone-shaped bamboo bowl

  • dimensions: diameter 20 cm/ 7.8 in,  depth 9 cm/ 3.5 in
  • weight: 300 g/ 10.5 oz
  • price: 20.8 EUR

Small round bamboo bowl

  • dimensions: diameter 14 cm/ 5.5 in,  depth 5 cm/ 1.9 in
  • weight: 150 g/ 5.3 oz
  • price: 18.6 EUR

Special offer
Big round wooden bowl + Food preparation teak wood utensils

  • price: 23.3 EUR


"I am happy with your service because of trust. I know that your intentions are genuine and your integrity is pure. Quality matters to you and it matters to me. So I had no qualms in ordering products from your business. 
I found the shop at your website easy and straight forward to use, also being assured of course, with the PayPal guarantee.
I was overwhelmed with delight that it meant so much to you that I made a purchase and I was more than exited to share my delight about your products and services with my friends. 
The products are of course of beautiful quality as I didn’t doubt. 
And I enjoy being reminded of my beautiful friend and clever soul every time  I use them.
Namaste 🌟"

Kay Lakshmi Cruse, Cheltenham, England

"The bowls have arrived! The small round one is the cutest, the black round one has delighted me with its design and woodwork - like a decoarative object, as for the middle size one I can already see many dishes served in it. 🙂"

Eda Plavljanic, Split, Croatia


I wish you enjoy your healthy bites with wooden utensils and bowls.
Thank you for your love and support!

Click on the picture below to see our offer of wooden utensils:

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