The 80 10 10 Diet

When I first came upon a raw diet in 2011, it was a high fat raw diet which just didn't seem right to me and after just a several days of gourmet recipes I went back to my cooked vegan diet. In February 2012 I got "The 80 10 10 Diet" book and it resonated with me so much that not only I embraced it completely, but I also decided to share it with people from my country of Serbia. Being a translator by profession (well, one of my professions...) I found the publisher, we contacted FoodnSport, I translated the book and in 2014 we had "The 80 10 10 Diet" published in Serbian.

This is a book a highly recommend! If you still haven't read it, grab your self a copy and get the on the right path to low fat raw vegan diet!

Check out my interview with the author of "The 80 10 10 Diet", Dr. Douglas Graham HERE.

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