The Universe In You

I am very happy and excited to finally, after more than a year of a hard and devoted team work, present you: 

an interactive book with which you work on your personal development and creating your most important movie, the movie in which you are the main director and the protagonist at the same time. 

In the first part of this book we are going though important lessons accompanied with written tasks, then comes the artistic part of the book with poetry, written by me, that holds valuable life messages, then comes the part of the book in which we talk on the topics that deserve our attention, and finally the book is closed with a poem through which you acknowledge the core OF your existence. The whole book is intervened with beautiful and inspirational photos.  

Lots of love, time and work was invested in the creation of this book. However, this book remained unfinished. And this was done with a purpose, the purpose is that you get to finish your copy of this book. This book asks you to invest your energy in your copy of it, to invest in your Universe. And of course, what you invest in your Universe, gets back to you multiplied.  

I hope that "The Universe In You" will become your dear friend and teacher.


"This book is enchanted with love and it is cleansing! It is also inspiring. I am recommending it right away to all friends and acquaintances... "

Margareta Vesna Agape, Belgrade, Serbia 

"The book is phenomenal. I read it. It is concise and to the point, very clear. The whole book is beautifully designed, all compliments. I am starting tomorrow with the written exercises. Thank you from my heart. I am wishing you lots of success in your future work and many more books. 😘"

Zuzana Gregor, Temerin, Serbia

"I have never read a more powerful, to the point and yet shorter book. Already now, at the beginning of my reading, I can feel its effect, its energy, its blessings... I feel a direct God's power on me. As if God, through Jesus and Marina, touched my soul to cleanse it, caress it and say: "I am here, move on."  smiley Thank you Marina for existing! 

I have finished reaading the book. For a moment I was sorry because it was short, but then I heard a voice telling me that now I have a divine homework, to fill in the empty pages with my thoughts, to weave myself into this divine book. It is going to be "my first book", as a begining of fullfilling one of my, currently, unfulfilled, wishes!!! heart"

Miljana Candir, Novi Sad, Serbia

"Hi Marina,
I have been resting today and I read your book in one breath. I was doing the writing exercises and enjoying in being encouraged and inspired with the challenge you provided. Thank you. I congratulate you on your diligence, patience, persistence and love for the 

  • Universe
  • Wholeness
  • "All one"
Big hug!"

Vasiljka Stojanovic, Novi Sad, Serbia

"The book has been read. It is DIVINE. The pictures are beautiful! My four children vitnesed my happiness with this book today. It made me happy. Thank you for that which I got with this book."


"I have learnt from your book more than from a hundred of other books that I read so far. I read this book in one breath. Honestly, this book left a strong impression on me. Thank you my little girl."

Jadranka Spremo Kavacevic, Stockholm, Sweden

"Dear Marina,
Thank you to the Moon and back for this wonderful book that I felt in love with immediately. As soon as the postman brought it, I started unpacking it at my door and reading it enthusiastically, leaving aside everything I was doing. Every letter of this book radiates with You. The content, ilustrations, Your pictures, the cover... all is top-quality, because you are topquality. This book is like a magic lamp for me, because it radiates, with no exageration and flattery. Thank You, thank You, thank You!!! I love you! This book s always in my vicinity, even when I sleep, since it radiates with its content and you brilliant energy. Thank you for being You!

Lara Rebic, Fojnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

"The book is beautiful and inspirational. I have already read it, but I always keep returning to some of the writing exercises. smiley"

Isidora Dukic, Novi Sad, Serbia

"The book and generally, your passion for the mission to help people lead a happier and healthy life is beautiful. Many thanks to God that you exist. I love you!"

Olga Sekulic, Novi Sad, Serbia

"Dear Marina,
Thank you endlessly for everything that you have done for me recently! I am writing to you because I cannot hold back my emotions that overwhelmed me when I laid my eyes on this book. Today you have made happy not only me, but also everyone else in my presence because I am simply radiating with positive energy and love that everyone feel. We are smiling to each other and enjoying this November, sunny day, thank to you, your words and your devoted work that you put into this book that evokes such special emotions. 💞💞💞💞"

Aleksandra Popov, Coka, Serbia

"You have beautifully put every word in this book. I recommend it to all souls who want to work on themselves and heal in every way... Thank you my little, dear Marina for your existence, for being so generous, for wanting to make this world a better place and for sharing your knowledge and spreaing love ❤ ❤  ❤ "

Nada Stokanovic, Vancuver, Canada

"Even only after a quick browsing, I can already see that this book will enter that little collection of esencial reads that I keep returning to as the core of my life support no matter the situation."

Eda Plavljanic, Split, Croatia


"The Universe In You" is shipped to your door for only 9.99 EUR + shipping! 

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