Health Glows Holiday Kit

With the holidays just around the corner, what is better and more beautiful than giving a present of inspiration and tools for a healthy lifestyle along with trustworthy literature for the body-mind health?

Health Glows Holiday Kit will surely nicely surprise you and your loved ones.

A cherry-picked litarature - food for a healthy body and clear mind:

  • "Raw For Glow"
    a low fat raw vegan recipe book;

  • "The Universe In You"
    a book with which you train your mind to bring about only desired manifestations;

Wooden utensils and bowls - for the enjoyment of food prepation, serving and eating;

Surprise yourself or your loved ones with the

Health Glows Holiday Kit

The package value:
Raw For Glow _______________________________   19.99 EUR
The Universe In You ___________________________   9.99 EUR
Big round wooden bowl ________________________ 18.20 EUR
Small round wooden bowl ______________________ 18.60 EUR
Small cone shaped wooden bowl _________________ 20.80 EUR
Coconut wood utnsil set ________________________   6.60 EUR
Teak wood utensil set __________________________   7.20 EUR
Food preparation and serving teak wood set ________   7.40 EUR
Total_______________________________________ 108.78 EUR
+ a Holiday discount and you pay ______________      98.00 EUR


You know that excitement when you are opening a present,
and even more so if it is filled with inspiration and tools for a healthy lifestyle? 


GIft For You
With an ordered Health Glows Holiday Kit you get a "Health Glows Meal Plan Set" -
four e-books each presenting a seven day meal plan for a given season.


"The meal plans are great! My favorite part about these meal plans is that the recipes are so creative, yet made out of simple and optimal ingredients.

The bowls
The small round one is the cutest, the black round one has delighted me with its design and woodwork - like a decoarative object, as for the middle size one I can already see many dishes served in it. 🙂

"The Universe In You" - Even only after a quick browsing, I can already see that this book will enter that little collection of esencial reads that I keep returning to as the core of my life support no matter the situation.

All in all, I am more than satisfied! Once again, a big thank you to you, first for this package and such a kind attitude towards me, as well as for all the strength and consistency in all you have gone through and learnt and your endless generosity and good will to spread the message and share it with people who are going through the same and this kind of support means to them unconditionally (because I am one of them wink)."

Eda Plavljanic, Split, Croatia

"Marina's books and meal plans are magical! They have helped me to overcome my eating disorder (anorexia and bulimia). I feal vibrant and healthy and time after time I win my inner fight. I am actually gaining weight which is vital for me. Each recipe is so simple, but at the same time amazing, beautiful and delicious. 

The meal plans are a perfect guide. 

I feel happy and excited to eat each meal from the wooden bowl with the spoon or fork

Thank you so so much Marina. You are my inspiring saviour. You are helping me to reclaim my life day after day, my mind is more light and my body is stronger."

Jean-Michel Givaudan, Gap, France


Order now your Health Glows Holiday Kit by sending me your address in a message HERE 
and I will reply to you with the payment instructions for the package and postage based on your location.

Thank you for your love and support!

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