Health Glows Holiday Kit

With the holidays just around the corner, what is better and more beautiful than giving a present of inspiration and tools for a healthy lifestyle along with trustworthy literature for the body-mind health?

Health Glows Holiday Kit will surely nicely surprise you and your loved ones.

A cherry-picked litarature - food for a healthy body and clear mind:

  • "Raw For Glow"
    a low fat raw vegan recipe book;

  • "The Universe In You"
    a book with which you train your mind to bring about only desired manifestations;

Wooden utensils and bowls - for the enjoyment of food prepation, serving and eating;

Surprise yourself or your loved ones with the

Health Glows Holiday Kit

The package value:
Raw For Glow _______________________________   19.99 EUR
The Universe In You ___________________________   9.99 EUR
Big round wooden bowl ________________________ 18.20 EUR
Small round wooden bowl ______________________ 18.60 EUR
Small cone shaped wooden bowl _________________ 20.80 EUR
Coconut wood utnsil set ________________________   6.60 EUR
Teak wood utensil set __________________________   7.20 EUR
Food preparation and serving teak wood set ________   7.40 EUR
Total_______________________________________ 108.78 EUR
+ a Holiday discount and you pay ______________      98.00 EUR


You know that excitement when you are opening a present,
and even more so if it is filled with inspiration and tools for a healthy lifestyle? 


GIft For You
With an ordered Health Glows Holiday Kit you get a "Health Glows Meal Plan Set" -
four e-books each presenting a seven day meal plan for a given season.

Order now your Health Glows Holiday Kit by sending me your address in a message HERE 
and I will reply to you with the payment instructions for the package and postage based on your location.

Thank you for your love and support!


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