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In this video I am a presenting you my experience as a student of "Vibrant Health and Wealth Academy" and why I enrolled into these studeies.

About my background... I am from the country of Serbia, I finished the secondary medical school and then a Faculty of English language and literature, degree in 2009.

In 2011 I finished the Plant Based Diet Course at Cornell.

In 2012 I translated "The 80 10 10 Diet" by Dr. Douglas Graham into my mother tongue of Serbian and this book was published in 2014.

In 2013 I interned with Dr. Douglas Graham in Costa Rica and since then I have been working as a raw chef at various events
and festivals.

I am also running my own events and you can find me at my website

I enrolled into the Vibrant Health and Wealth Academy in May 2015 with the aim of becoming a Certified Vibrant Health Teacher-Counselor-Entrepreneur

I chose the "Vibrant Health And Wealth Academy" since I like the content that is taught there, as well as the business set-up program. The coursebooks are based on the Natural Hygiene which is a science of health and teaches the laws of nature and how to apply them for vibrant health and wellness.

The studies are set up through the virtual classroom where students have access to the coursebooks and exams, as well as the forum where students can ask questions that Dr. David Klein answers generously.

The coursebooks are very exciting and interesting. It is actually a joy to study them!

I am looking forward to start my own counseling business upon finishing these studies to help as many people as I can to apply simple
natural laws that will lead them to  vibrant health and wellness!

Please cick the picture below to visit the Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy website and contact me or Dr. David Klein if you'd like to explore your future as a certified Vibrant Health Teacher-Counselor-Entrepreneur.

Click on the picture below:

If you have any questions about the academy, please don't hesitate to contact me through my website (send message option in the right upper corner).

For your vibrant success,

01:43 13.05.2017.
Is it an academy on line only?
16:30 14.05.2017.
Hi Lorenzo!

Thank you for your interest. Yes, so far, the Academy is only on-line, but there is a strong wish and tendency to manifest the real, physical Academy.
Dr. Dave Klein
18:07 14.05.2017.
Hi Lorenzo! Please visit and feel free to email or Skype me. I am here for my students 7 days a week.

Dr. Dave Kleiin
Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy
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