Raw Spring Meal Plan

"Raw Spring Meal Plan" teaches you how to organize, prepare and serve meals on a low fat raw vegan diet with the ingredients available during spring time in the northern hemisphere. 

What do you get from "Raw Spring Meal Plan"?

  • In total twenty-one different ideas for healthy and tasty low fat raw vegan meals;
  • Recipes;
  • Ideas for nice servings;
  • Practical advice for choosing and storing produce and preparing recipes;
  • Calculated caloric values and caloronutrient ratios of meals;  
  • Beautiful and inspiring photos of meals;

I sincerely hope that "Raw Spring Meal Plan" will give you a lot of value and that you will enjoy in healthy, tasty and nicely arranged raw food. 

Keep glowing,
Marina from "Health Glows"


"Dear Marina, thank you! 

Your wonderful meal plan, the illustrations, your positive energy... put a smile on my face that I can't erase.  :-) 
Your meal plans are dear and useful to me. More and more, I am making my own combinations according to my senses and in the morning I always exercise and eat my breakfast not before 11 o'clock at work..."

Damir Lackovi─ç, Zagreb, Croatia

"Dear Marina, 

I want to thank you one more time for this spring meal plan. The recipes are fantastic, the tastes of raw food are irresistibly divine! Mmmm mnjam mnjam ­čśŐ What is especially useful to me is that there is a calory value by each meal."

┼Żarko Nikoli─ç


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