As a current student of Vibrant Health And Wealth Academy, I am more than happy to assist you on your path towards Your vibrant health. My passion is to educate you about diet and lifestyle for achieving and maintaining vibrant health.

Please notice that I am not offering diagnosis and treatments. Instead, I am offering education. Natural Hygiene education that offers a supreme and everlasting road to achieving and maintaining vibrant health.

How important is your health is obvious in a simple test: if you feel well, You feel happy and enthusiastic about life, you give a lot to your loved ones through your time and energy and get a lot satisfaction in return, You are creative and productive and feel joy of living. The opposite is true when your health is in decline.

You can own your vibrant health by simply applying and obeying to simple, yet powerful laws of nature which application brings pleasure and health simultaneously. Let's talk about them and let us together put you on the right path towards the health you desire and certainly deserve.

In coaching sessions we can go through the following topics, with my undivided attention to fully, not preach, but teach you:

  • healing powers of the body;
  • the standard for deciding what is the optimum diet;
  • low fat raw vegan diet;
  • how to transition to and stay on a healthy diet;
  • cravings and emotions;
  • calories and caloronutrient ratio - measuring, counting, what to have in mind;
  • fitness;
  • the power of words and thought;

My passion is to teach health. Let me teach you!

An hour of coaching session is 70 EUR/ 75 USD.
There is 20% discount for a five hour session package, so it comes to only
280 EUR/ 297 USD.

After the making the payment though the PayPal button below, please send me a message HERE to schedule a coaching session with me.

Coaching session

Thank you for your trust. I am looking forward to work with you and give my best to assist you on your path toward your vibrant health!

Keep glowing,

I would be honored to assist you on your path of vibrant health and wellness as much I can.

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