Health Glows Weekends

Welcome to the Health Glows Weekend 2019!

Traditionally since 2013, this event offers to a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle fans the following: 

  • coaching about a low fat raw vegan diet and healthy lifestyle;
  • healthy recipes and a chance to work in the kitchen and thus learn to prepare low fat raw vegan meals; 
  • fitness and Vinyasa yoga classes;
  • meeting same-minded people and making friends;
  • personal development;
  • inspiration for a creative and constructive thinking;
  • motivation for a healthy lifestyle and focus on a happy and healthy life; 

The health benefits of the diet at Health Glows Weekend are numerous: 

  • increased insulin sensitivity 
  • weight optimization 
  • natural body hydration through natural diet 
  • fresh looks 
  • increased body vitality 
  • activation of self-cleaning and self-healing bodily mechanisms 

Dates for this year Health Glows Weekend:

  • 16th - 18th of August, 2019


We are staying in twin room apartmants of "Kraljevski dragulj" that offers:

  • a modern and functional accommodation; 
  • a bathroom and kitchen in every appartment;
  • free WIFI internet; 
  • air conditioning - note: using airconditioning is due to additional charge;
  • a hair dryer and iron are available;
  • a peaceful location next to the park of the spa town Banja Koviljača;
  • free underground parking;



At the Health Glows Weekend seasonal, fresh, whole fruit is served for breakfasts and lunches, while dinners consist of tasty and healthy veggie based meals, with small amounts of nuts and seeds and some additional fruit. The diet offered at the Health Glows Weekends is a diet that:

  • promotes health
  • consists of fresh and natural foods
  • provides vibrant colors and enjoyable tastes
  • is scientificaly proven as a diet that first and foremost initiates health, while a lean body, vitality and high energy level come as secondary consequences of health
  • offers abundance


A wide spectrum of healthy activities are waiting for you at the Health Glows Weekends. We start our days with morning fitness, workshops and lectures are offered during the day, food preparing workshops are arranged in such a way that every participant assists in preparing two meals for the whole weekend, just before dinner we enjoy some nice yoga flow, and after dinner is time for relaxing and chatting with the encourangment for early beds.

Download your copy of the Health Glows Weekend 2019 program by saving the picture below:


Gift For You

A cute little bamboo bowl is waiting for you!


Participation fee

  • 195 EUR per person, for early payments, until the 1th of August
  • 215 EUR per person, for payments after the 1st of August

What is included in the participation fee: 

  • accommodation in twin bedroom appartments
  • food
  • Health Glows Weekend 2019 program
  • gift - a 20 EUR value bamboo bowl

Pay the deposit of 95 EUR through the PayPal button bellow to secure your spot. The other part of the payment is due at the event. Thank you for your interest and trust!


I sincerely hope you will give me a chance to host you in a Health Glows way,
Marina from Health Glows


Click on the particular picture below to see the pictures from the particular previous Health Glows Weekend:


What did guests say about Health Glows Weekends? 

"Dear Marina!
Thank you for your servings, hospitality and care that you put into our stay at your retreat and running the whole program... You gave your best, we all felt that. I am wishing you lots of success wherever you are and whatever you do."

Cvetka Pišek, Ljubljana, Slovenia

"It is enough to say wonderful!"

I have to express my appreciation of the organization of the recent event. Your lecture "The Universe In You" was wonderful (the best of your lectures). I love spirituality much more than healthy diet. I know that spirituality is more important that the diet. However, spirituality is lacking without the proper diet. I'll be back for your retreat next year. 
I have to add that you are even a better person that I thought you were. The Universe will richly reward you sooner or later!
Lots of success and happiness to you!"
Dejan Jeraj, Vrhnik, Slovenia

"Dear Marina,
Thank you a lot! Everything was wonderful!"

Milan Mijailović, Belgrade, Serbia

"Dear Marina, 
Thank you for the wonderful moments spent together. It was my pleasure to be the part of the team at the Health Glows Weekend. I am glad I met you and spent a couple of hours in your company. Serbia is not aware of the treasure it has in you. I am wishing you all the best and lots of success in awakening the Serbian people."

Mili Arapović, Ljubljana, Slovenia

"We are very much pleased with the whole organization and ambience during our stay at the Health Glows Weekend and I believe that there will be more opportunities to spend time together. Everyone was great, especially you!"


"Everything was great, wonderful ambient, wonderful people! Many thanks to the organizer and the whole group for the wonderfully spent weekend."

Vlasta Lamprecht, Beretinec, Croatia

"Dear Marina!
Everything was fantastic... the organization, people, topics, information... smiley I am coming again for sure! Thank you for everything!"

dr Miljana Candir, Novi Sad, Serbia

"Marina's retreats are always the source of inspiration and motivation, good energy and the meeting point of wonderful people. Marina's enthusiasm and passion for sharing the science of Natural Hygiene are contagious and all that is ornamented with divine fruit from Vojvodina. I am already looking forward to the next chance for meeting and spending time together!"

Tijana Cukeric, Pula, Croatia

"Dear Marina,

Thank you for the wonderful time together and all the information. It was wonderful, great organization, food, lectures, energy, people... and I am really looking forward to the next event."

Jelena Antonic, Belgrade, Serbia

"Hi Marina!

Many thanks for the great recipes, for the wonderful time together and all the good things we exerienced. Wonderful! Enjoy!                          Warm regards!"

Janez Tonejec, Bohinjska Bela, Slovenia

"Dear Marina,
Many thanks! Everything was wonderful and much better than expected."

Milan Mijailovic, Belgrade, Serbia

"I love you, you're amazing and I really enjoy your high vibe and being around you. I'm so happy I participated in this event and feel empowered to continue eating in a healthy way."

Leonie Gabriella, Holland

"Everything was in harmony and balance. Congratulations Marina."

Svetlana Petrović, Loznica, Serbia

"Thank you Marina, you were a wonderful host."
Milena Stevanović, Niš, Serbia
"Marina, it was great! Positive energy, positive people... The best part was the lecture about the power of the subconscious mind and our thoughts... I am grateful for new friendships. smiley Thank you Marina for sharing with us your positive energy!"
Mojca Vodopivec, Bohinj, Slovenia
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