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5 Minute Fitness Routine #8 (Zurich, Switzerland)
Added 2017-10-12 21:58:30


Tip: Changing fitness routines keep exercising interesting and avoid bodily adjustments to the same exercises witch would lower exercise efficiency. Exercise with this new and interesting 5 minute fitness routine. 

Disclaimer: Please consult your physician or physical therapist before trying out this fitness routine.

Exercise 1: Stand tall, feet together and parallel, jump with legs wide apart and then come down feet together. Jump 10 times.  

Exercise 2: Stand tall, feet hip distance apart, back straight and parallel to the ground, arms straight beside the body. Squat and raise your arms above your head. Do 10 squats.  

Exercise 3: Stand tall, feet hip distance apart, back straight, arms straight beside the body. Raise your arms bent in elbows up to your shoulder line, straighten your arms and then bend them again and bring your arms down. Repeat 10 times.  

Exercise 4: Stand tall, feet hip distance apart, back straight, arms in a high guard position. Bending your knees slightly, do a side kick with one leg and then with the other. Do 5 side-kicks with each leg.  

I hope you like this fitness routine and if it that's so, please like it and share it. I am sincerely interested in your opinion, so please share it in the comment section below. smiley

Have a wonderful day,

Please click on the photo below for the fitness routine #7:

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