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The Best Gut Health Exercise - Nauli
Added 2019-02-16 11:24:41

Nauli is a yoga exercise that strengthens abdominal muscles and massages inner abdominal organs.


  • stimulates intestinal work, 
  • relieves constipation and gas, 
  • strengthens inner organ muscles and abdominal muscles.


  • pregnancy
  • hernia
  • ulcers

Of course, consult your physician before starting this exercise. 


This exercise should be performed on an empty stomack.

Stand upright, feet hip distance apart, arms beside the body, take a deep inhale and then hinge from your hips with a long exhale, knees slightly bent, hands on your thighs, back rounded. Holding your breath, pull your abs towards your spine. Hold this pose and then release and inhale deeply coming up into a standing position.

Repeat the exercise, but this time make strong snaps back and forth with your abs.

In the third round we are doing the whole nauli variation: repeat the technique, but this time rotate your abs left to right and vice-verse.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and video and that you find them beneficial. Let me know in the comments below are you familiar with Nauli and do you practise it. Thank you in advance for liking, sharing and commenting!

Keep glowing,

Click on the picture below for the gut health yoga routine:

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