In these blog post and video I am showing you what my typical daily lunch looks like. I have been on an exclusively vegan diet since 2005, and since 2012 I have been eating exclusively fresh fruits, easily digestible vegetables and a smaller amount of nuts and seeds. This diet is well described in the book The 80 10 10 Diet.

My typical lunch consists of fruit. Which fruit depends on the season and location. For example, in the season of persimmons in Serbia, I have… persimmons for lunch every day.

First the lunch prep: choose the most ripe persimmons. It is extremely important to eat fruit only when it is ripe. Wash them, plate them, and the lunch is ready! Enjoy!

With this video I want to show that a healthy diet does not mean:

  • Eating small amounts of unhealthy foods.
  • Eating food that is tasteless to us without processing and difficult to digest.
  • Eating “magic” powders.
  • Eating pudding made from bird food, known as chia pudding.
  • Drinking oxidized fluids, known as smoothies and juices.

A healthy diet means simply eating the food we are biologically designed for, in sufficient quantities to meet our caloric needs.

Maybe from the stand point of the standard diet, where fruit is seen as a dessert or a snack, this amount of fruit …

1,600g / 3.5lbs… looks a lot, but it really isn’t, if fruit is the actual meal. For example, 1,6kg / 3.5 lbs of persimmons is about 1,100 calories. Keep in mind that I do not eat breakfast, nor I eat, snack or drink anything other than water in between meals, so this is a suitable lunch for me, which, with a dinner of about 900 calories, satisfies my typical daily caloric needs.

Logically, a person with lower caloric needs will have needs for a smaller meal, and a person with higher caloric needs will have needs for a larger meal.

Of course, this lunch can be divided into breakfast and lunch, if you prefer it that way or it suits you better because of your schedule of activities during the day.

Keep in mind that fruit is rich in water, and water naturally takes up volume and has weight, but has no calories. Thus, the same number of calories found in a larger volume and a larger weight of fruit is found in a smaller volume and a smaller weight of food that is not rich in water.

And just because it is rich in water, a fruit meal not only feeds you, but also hydrates you.

While my lunches are very simple, I usually prepare various raw vegan salads for dinner.

And finally, I want to show that the time has come for a meal of a sufficient amount of fruit to be culturally and socially accepted.

And now a question for you: do you practice and enjoy fruit meals? Leave your answers in the comment section below.

I hope you find this blog post and video useful. If so, please share them.

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