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Youthful And Healthy In The Elderly Age
Added 2018-02-09 08:29:49
  • Hi! This is Marina from Health Glows and right now I am sending you regards from the Thai city of Chiang Mai. Just yesterday our retreat "Healthy And Active Thai Retreat" finished and one of our participants was this inspiring lady who is sitting next to me.  Vjera, would you please introduce yourself briefly. 
  • My name is Vjera Lekic, I am from Podgorica, by profession I am a Master of psychology and I work in a school as a psychologist.   
  • Before Vjera answers the next question, I would like to invite you to try to guess, how old is Vjera. 

  • I hope you tried to guess and now, Vjera, please reveal this mystery to us. 

  • I was born in 1961... 
  • Meaning that now you have...  

  • Now I am in my 57th year. 
  • Wow! The 57th year of life. Vjera, what is the secret of your youthful and healthy look?  

  • I believe that most important is that we live a healthy lifestyle, with an optimistic view of world and belief in God, that we are of service to ourselves and to others. In regard to healthy lifestyle, I would especially stress exercising outdoors. Whenever the weather permits, I go to an open gym in a pine nut tree forest close to my apartment. There, I exercise on devises and with weights suitable for guys, for about an hour daily. In addition, I walk for about 10 kilometers daily, since I go to and back from my work on foot.  
  • Very inspiring! And here in Thailand, Vjera's room was on the 9th floor! Vjera, how do you go to your room?  

  • Even though two elevators were provided, both of which worked in perfect order, I was glad to take a walk, so I would use the opportunity to walk up to the 9th floor.  
    Beside physical activity, I believe that rest is also important. Meaning, enough sleep during the night. I would especially point out the importance of going to bed early, around 9 p.m., if possible, because it is between 9 p.m. and 4 a.m. that melathonine is produced in our bodies when we sleep. Melathonine is a hormone of regeneration because it regenerates our nerve cells, as well as other cells. This way we need to give our body a chance to regenerate on the psychological as well as on the physical level.  
  • Excellent! What would you like to add in regard to your diet? 

  • In regard to my diet, I was on the vegetarian diet, I was on the vegan diet, I was on the raw food diet for a couple of years, but now I am on a fruit based diet that I believe is optimal. My diet consists of fruits, tender greens and small amounts of nuts and seeds.  
  • Nice! What fruit do you mostly enjoy here in Thailand?   

  • Mangoes, tangarines... 
  • Jackfruit? 

  • Yes... and papaya.  
    With the absolute trust in the God's word and his promises that are written in the Bible, and with the absolute trust in the Nature's remedies and with use of those remedies when possible, we act preventively on the natural ageing process and thus remain healthy and youthful in the elderly age. 

  • And you are definitely an example of your words. Thank you for this interview.
  • Thank you.
  • Bye!
  • Bye!

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Keep glowing,

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