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What does "80 10 10" stand for?
Added 2015-09-03 23:04:35

*Sorry for the bad quality of the video... my recent videos are much better and also please don't get confused by my old name of my Youtube channel... :)

When I was interning with Dr. Douglas Graham, probably best known as the author of "The 80 10 10 Diet", back in January 2013, I made this interview with him and here he gives us the answers to the following question:

What does "80 10 10" stands for?

Since when is he on a raw vegan diet?

What does he eat and how much does he exercise in a typical day?

How does he and his wife feed their daughter?

What is his favourite salad dressing?

Thank you Dr. Graham for this interview and for giving us all valuable tips and inspiration! 

I hope you also liked this interview. Please leave your comments, I love to hear from!

Keep glowing,


Click on the picture below to see the whole album from my internship in Costa Rica in 2013:

​Click on the picture below to visit Dr.Douglas Graham's web site:

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