• facial cupping set
  • some oily skin foundation

For the oily skin base I use either coconut oil or shea butter or cocoa butter.


  • Clean your face.
  • Apply an oily foundation to your face.
  • Bring a silicone cup to your face, squeeze it to make a vacuum inside the suction cup and then pull it:
    1) under the eyes, from the nose to the ends of the eyes,
    2) over the lower jaw, from the chin to the ears,
    3) from the bottom up over the cheeks,
    4) in circular motions across the cheeks,
    5) from one side of the forehead to the other,
    6) from bottom to top over the forehead,
    7) over the chin and neck, always avoiding the throat.

You can use 3 sizes of these cups.
Use the smallest cups for the area under the eyes, above the eyebrows and around the lips.
Finally, clean your face with a massage brush.

Of course, the most important thing in maintaining tight skin is a diet that hydrates the body, ie a diet of fruits and vegetables.

I hope you find this technique interesting and useful. Thanks in advance for your comments and sharing this blog post and video.

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