The power of thoughts and words is invaluable because thoughts and words have magnetic properties to them, that attract likewise manifestations.

Train your mind to carefully choose thoughts and words, and thus manifestations in your life.

Here is just a part of the interactive book The Universe in You

which is both a manual and work-book for training your mind. The book, in addition to the affirmative statements presented here, contains lessons and writing exercises, writing sheets, poetry, and inspirational images.

Through working on this book, you work on your personal development which, along with the adoption of a healthy diet and lifestyle, gives a wholistic approach to creating a healthy life.

I warmly encourage you to work on your copy of this book, on your Universe. One page a day will take away a small fraction of 24 hours, and provide a lot in return.

And now… Carefully read the affirmations offered here, feel free to adjust them to your vocabulary if you wish, and so that they best suit your pronunciation and memory. Then write them down and repeat them until they become part of your everyday way of thinking.

  • God and I are one.
  • Whom God sends, God provides for.
  • God is my healer.
  • When God is with me, who can be against me?
  • I gladly accept the abundance of love into my life experience.
  • I gladly accept the abundance of health into my life experience.
  • I gladly accept the abundance of wealth into my life experience.
  • God created me, and God is infallible.
  • I love myself.
  • Everything I invest, returns to me multiplied.
  • It doesn't matter what was. What matters is what is coming. I look forward to the future.
  • Only under strong pressure can a diamond be formed.
  • I love my path because it is unique and mine.
  • It is now when I create every future moment.
  • I am both the creator and the creation.
  • My heart is filled with gratitude. Thank you.

Visualize a person smiling at you in the mirror, and then slowly, persistently and lovingly, day by day, step by step, bite by bite... become that beautiful reflection from your visualization.