Show some love and care to your health

Health Glows Online Program

education for your raw vegan success

Coaching and support that will help you achieve:

  • a high level of energy so you can go on pursuing your goals
  • desired weight and toned body
  • smooth digestion
  • optimal blood pressure
  • a high level of insulin sensitivity¬†

without drugs, but rather through a low fat raw vegan diet and a body-mind strengthening program.

Body Sculpting Yoga Online Progam

Sculpt Your Body with Only
20 min. of practice a day

Sculpt and strengthen your body with carefully tailored yoga classes for achieving your desired results with only 20 min. of practice a day!

Yoga for the Splits Online Progam

Do the Splits in 21 days

Achieve full splits safely by gradually increasing flexibility of your hips and legs.

Personal Coaching

available throughout the year

Not sure where and how to start making changes to your diet and lifestyle?

You would appreciate talking to someone who would clear out for you the real information from misinformation around raw diet?

You have read so much about raw diet, yet, you would just need a little encouragement to make the transition?

Let’s schedule a talk – I’m here for you!

Health Glows Weekend

20th-23rd/08/2020, Czech Republic

Health Glows Weekend offers you a four day retreat at which you will:

  • learn how to eat a raw vegan diet in a healthy and sustainable way;
  • adopt a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables with moderate amounts of nuts and seeds;
  • exercise daily at our fitness and yoga classes;
  • make friends with others who have also taken the path of health;
  • enjoy quality, educational and fun time;
  • get coaching and support to keep up going towards your health goal;

Health Glows Tropical Retreat

20th-29th/02/2021, Borneo

Enjoy the sunny and warm weather at your winter escape at which you will get an opportunity to:

  • adopt healthy living habits;
  • attend personal development lectures and workshops;
  • enjoy tropical fruits;
  • exercise daily at fitness and yoga classes;
  • enjoy quality, educational and fun time;
  • make new friends who share your health and fitness interests;