Wooden Utensils

It is our great pleasure to offer you beautiful and high quality wooden utensils.

What are the advantages of wooden utensils?

  • beautiful design;
  • natural, ecological and health-wise safe material;
  • ergonomic design;
  • give a pleasant feeling under the fingertips;
  • contribute to the pleasure of preparing and serving food, as well as eating;
  • using wooden utensils does not damage the surfaces of the dishes;
  • with wooden utensils there is no more the sound of metal tapping on the surface of plates;
  • unlike metal, wood does not react with acids and warmth of food, and thus does not emit harmful substances that leave the taste of metal in the mouth or even change the color of food;
  • durable;


  • hand wash with water and, if necessary, with a mild, natural detergent;
  • do not immerse wooden utensils in water, nor wash them in the dishwasher;

Teak Wood Utensil Set with Travel Case

Rose Wood Utensil Set with Travel Case

Price & How To Order

  • For 9.7 EUR + shipping you get a beautifully designed and high quality teak or rose wood wooden utensil set with travel case.


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