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Soften Veggies Without Cooking
Added 2017-11-02 21:23:28

Cellulose and starchy vegetables are tradiotionally cooked to make them softer, because they are tough and hard to digest. However, there is a simple method to soften them without cooking.

For example, here we have:

And these veggies have cooked texture, although, all I have done was that I froze the veggies and then let them defrost. Freezing the veggies makes their cellular walls tighten and then defrosting makes their cellular walls burst open. This is how the veggies soften.

However, I would like to point out that no matter how soft cellulose becomes, it is still indigestible carbohydrate, so be cautious with how much you use it because it can cause bloating.  

And from there you can use the soft veggies to make your favorite recipes, like: cauliflower rice, stuffed bell peppers, cauliflower buffalo wings, stews and more...

You can find all these recipes in my recipe book "Raw For Glow". 

I hope this blog post and video are useful to you and if that so,  please, comment, share and like it! 

Keep glowing,

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