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Raw Falafels - Oil And Salt Free
Added 2017-12-03 17:36:19


  • 1 head of cauliflower 
  • 300 g/ 11 oz sweet red bell pepper  
  • 30 g/ 1 oz  flax seeds 
  • ½ cup of water 
  • 1/3 teaspoon of paprika 
  • 1/3 teaspoon of cumin 

Order organic flax seeds:


  • A knife and cutting board
  • A food processor
  • A blender 
  • A dehydrator

Order a food processor:

Order a Vitamix:

Order a dehydrator:


  • Soak the flax seeds into purified water for a couple of hours; 
  • Remove the soaking water and wash the seeds; 
  • Remove the cauliflower florets from the stem; 
  • Place the cauliflower florets into the food processor; 
  • Blend the cauliflower finely into a rice like consistency; 
  • Remove the stems and seeds from the bell peppers; 
  • Place the bell peppers, flax seeds, water and spices into the blender; 
  • Blend these ingredients into a sauce; 
  • Pour the sauce over the minced cauliflower; 
  • Mix the sauce well into the cauliflower; 
  • Place the parchment paper or Paraflex sheets onto the dehydrator trays; 
  • Form falafel shapes with the cauliflower-sauce mix; 
  • Place the falafels onto the dehydrator trays; 
  • Dehydrate the falafels at 48 C that is 118 F for about 7 hours; 

  • And the falafels are done! 

I hope you are going to enjoy these falafels. If you do, please leave your comments, like this recipe and share it.

Keep glowing,

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14:55 14.03.2018.
Hi Marina,

Can you keep the falafels in a closed jar in the fridge for a couple of days or should you eat them right away?

Love xx
22:23 14.03.2018.
Hi Danielle!

Thank you for your comment. Great question.
I haven't tried to keep them, but I would say no because they don't get dried in the middle. They are crunchy and dry on the outside, but rather moist in the middle which is a big no for keeping them, especially in a closed jar.

Fresh is best! ;)
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