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Raw Ice-Cream With Date Carob Spread
Added 2018-12-17 08:28:29


  • bananas
  • date-carob spread

Quantities are optional;

Click on the picture below for the date-carob recipe:


  • A freezer
  • A knife and cutting board
  • A food processor


  • Peel the banans;
  • Place the bananas in the freezer and let them freeze;
  • Take the bananas out from the freezer and let them defrost just a bit;
  • Chop up the banans;
  • Place the chopped bananas into the food processor;
  • Blend the bananas into ice-cream;
  • Place the ice-cream into a bowl;
  • Add the date-carob spread on top;

  • Enjoy this tasty and healthy ice-cream.

​I hope you like this tasty-healthy-icy recipe. Thank you in advance for commenting and sharing it. 

Keep glowing,

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